Talking to First-Year Students about Careers

In case you missed it, there is an excellent post on The Commons blog by Kathleen Powell, Director or Career Exploration and Development, offering advice to parents on how to have conversations about careers with their first-year students. You can read the blog by clicking on this link. http://blogs.denison.edu/commons/2014/02/04/advice-to-first-year-parents/.

Also, a month or so ago there was an interesting article in the Huffington Post about the value of a humanities education. As a member of the Philosophy Department at Denison who consistently gets asked  ”Will I get a job if I am a philosophy major?” often followed by “My parents are making me ask,” I feel compelled to pass the link to the article on. It is interesting to see the highly successful people mentioned in the article who had humanities majors. (“This is Irrefutable Evidence of the Value of a Humanities Education” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/28/the-unusual-college-major_n_4654757.html.


Stressful Times…

We are in the midst of one of the busiest times of the year for students. For many of our first-year students this is when their stress levels really begin to rise. A certain amount of stress is, of course, to be expected. However, if you are finding that your student seems overly stressed, please encourage him or her to seek support. This is a good time for students to meet with instructors, academic advisors, someone from Academic Support, or me.  Any of us can help students develop strategies for coping with stress better. We can also help them connect to any additional resources they need. What we do not expect is for students to try to manage their stress on their own.


Laurel Kennedy’s Post about the Campus Alert

Laurel Kennedy, Vice President of Student Affairs, has provided additional information about the incident that occurred over the weekend in a post on The Commons blog titled “A Week of Listening.” In the post, she also discusses some of the concerns that the Campus Alert about the incident prompted  among students. You can find the post here http://blogs.denison.edu/commons/2013/10/01/a-week-of-listening/.


Break Transportation

Christie sent what is below to all first-year students this morning.

Campus Services helps students connect with one another to secure transportation over breaks.  There is a “Ride Board” online that can be found by going to “MyDenison” then “Campus Resources.”  Scroll down to the bottom of the list to find the Ride Board.

Denison does not offer shuttle service for Fall Break.  However, if a student needs transportation to the Columbus International airport or bus station and is considering a taxi, please check out the Ride Board located in front of the Campus Services Office (located on the second floor of Slayter Union, Suite 200).  The charge for a taxi from Yellow Cab in Newark (740-344-1014) one way from the campus to the airport for one person is $70.  If you are interested in sharing a cab, pick up a slip from the Ride Board, complete it, including your name, Slayter Box number and email address, and pin it back on the Ride Board.  If students are able to share a cab this will result in a lower charge (as low as $25 per person if 4 students share a cab).  Please note:  Students are responsible for making their own arrangements for sharing a cab through contact with other students and with the cab service provider.

For Thanksgiving and Winter Break, Denison offers free shuttles to the Columbus International Airport and limited stops to the Greyhound Bus station and  Megabus Stop. Sign -ups will begin Oct 1 for Thanksgiving shuttles. If interested, please sign-up in Campus Services.

I hope you find this information helpful.  If you have any questions, please email, call, or stop by the First-Year Office!



Safety on Campus

Your first-year student might mention that a campus alert went out to the campus community yesterday about an incident that occurred on campus over weekend. The point of the alert was to make students aware of the incident, to notify them that it is being investigated, and to urge them to take steps to protect their safety such as being more alert and locking their residence hall doors. Our campus remains a safe environment for our students, but it is always good to remind our students of the steps they can take to ensure their safety.


Other Remarks from the Induction Ceremony

In a previous post, I provided a link to President Weinberg’s remarks from the Induction Ceremony. The remarks of the other speakers are now available as well. Even though there was no coordination on our part, I was pleased to see the connections between these remarks. Together they helped to introduce our incoming class to what we value as an engaged and vibrant learning community. Here are the links to those remarks http://www.denison.edu/theden/2013/08/lets-get-started/. There is also a great, brief video of the highlights of the ceremony.


Class of 2017 Photo

One of the traditions of August Orientation is taking the class photo. Something fun that our office of University Communications does is use time lapse photography to record our setting up for the photo. The vantage point is from the top of Slayter. And yes, that is me running around in the blue shirt….