Zeina Abirached in our classes

Zeina Abirached spoke in several of our Arabic and French classes about her work as an illustrator and comic artist. Her work is based on autobiographical narratives related to her childhood within the Lebanese Civil War.


Issues in translating André Gide’s “Les caves du Vatican” from French to English

The Translations Project: For his Senior Research Jeremy Kleven first started studying translation theories and approaches to begin translating the play adaptation of Les caves du Vatican from French to English. Under Christine Armstrong’s guidance and with the help of Cheryl McFarren and the student actors, he has successfully translated 5 scenes from the French play.

During the presentation Jeremy provided information from his research project to explain the translator’s work, the different translation theories and approaches that were employed to write the translated scenes, and gave a short synopsis of each scene before they were presented to the audience. The actors performed a total of 5 scenes, 2 of which were in both French and English and the remaining 3 in English.


Photos from the performance at Denison