Google BOLD Intern Program 2015



Here’s a new Internship opportunity offered by Google. Freshmen through Juniors encouraged to apply:

“Google is proud to offer the Building Opportunities for Leadership & Development (BOLD) Intern Program. This program is designed to provide exposure into the technology industry for students who are historically under-represented in this field.

Google invites you to come join us for a unique summer experience, including an 11-week paid internship, personal and professional development programming, executive speakers, mentoring, and community-building.

Interns at Google are offered competitive salaries and enjoy many Google perks. Relocation may be provided depending on your proximity to the Google office where you’ll be interning.

Applications are due by Monday, December 1, 2014 at 11:59pm PST. Our team will review applications on a rolling basis and will start reaching out to candidates in December 2014. All hiring will be complete by May 2015.”

Job locations include:Ann Arbor, MI, USA; San Francisco, CA, USA; New York, NY, USA; San Bruno, CA, USA; Mountain View, CA, USA

For more information and the application, please follow this link: https://www.google.com/about/careers/search#!t=jo&jid=21415002&


Allie Colina– One of the Newest Additions to CLIC


Allie Colina is the newest staff member in the CLIC team. She’s working on helping Denison students have easier access to social spaces as well as aiding Aimee Maczko with Fraternity and Sorority life.

Julio Martinez: As one of the newest additions to the CLIC team, please tell us: why CLIC? Why back at Denison? Why Sorority and Fraternity Life?

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Thanksgiving Break: Housing Plans


A Message from the Office of Residential Education & Housing:

As you know, Thanksgiving break is quickly approaching. We want to take a moment to give everyone a few brief reminders for the break: Crawford, Shepardson, Curtis East, Curtis West, Smith and Chamberlin are designated as break halls and will remain open during the Thanksgiving Break

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International Potluck Dinner


For most international students, Big Red Weekend incites rather nostalgic and homesick feelings, as our parents in general are unable to come to Denison to visit us. However, thanks to the Big International Potluck Dinner, hosted by International Student Services (ISS), my quiet weekend was spiced up quite a bit. The idea was very simple: students signed up to cook and bring one dish of their choice to Curtis West Lounge on Saturday of Big Red Weekend. Everyone present would then share the dishes, simulating the concept of a family sharing food.

Some Vietnamese friends and I decided to try our cooking skills with the Vietnamese spring rolls (fun fact: it’s like the dish that every Vietnamese mother will teach their children to cook before they go abroad). We planned to meet up and cook on Saturday morning, so the dish would be available by the time of the potluck. We wanted to make the spring rolls a bit earlier so that if something went wrong, we had enough fixing time. We thought we were being overly cautious, but as it turned out, quite a few people shared the same idea. For example, the evening before the potluck, I already saw Moe Kyaw Thu, a freshman from Myanmar, practicing his Burmese chicken dish. I had nothing but respect for his careful preparation.

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The Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP)


One way to have a meaningful summer is to apply to internships and summer programs that can help you build the skills that are useful in the future career path and field you choose to follow. Here’s a great opportunity to take great advantage of. The Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) can give you a summer research experience that an undergraduate can only dream of. The program will be held over the course of 9 weeks over the summer. That is 9 weeks of doing research on a topic of your interest at Ohio State University (OSU). Some of you are thinking about the idea of staying in Ohio over the summer. However, the pros of this program definitely outweigh the cons. SROP wants to help students of historically underrepresented backgrounds. Thus, the program provides research experiences through OSU to women in science and math, people of color, first- generation college students, and low-income students. Despite the fact that the program wants to help increase graduate school access for students from underrepresented in graduate education, members who are not of a minority group may still apply. This program is also targeted toward sophomores and juniors. Freshmen may still apply but your chances of being accepted are greater if you have some coursework preparation in your proposed field and area of research. If you are a senior, you must be returning to complete at least one semester of undergraduate education after completing the SROP experience. Start thinking about this opportunity now! You have a chance to do intense research and analysis on the interests that you have. You will be under the supervision of a faculty mentor and build a great network between yourself and the faculty at Ohio State University (OSU). You will gain an experience that is not like any other. As an undergraduate student, you will also gain an advantage when applying to graduate school. Another plus to participating in this program is that you will earn money and have all of your expenses paid during your summer research opportunity at Ohio State University. The benefits of the OSU SROP include the following: 2 semester credits, earn a $3000 stipend for the 9-week session, and receive free campus housing and a meal plan. This opportunity is something you definitely do not want to miss. Take advantage of this chance to do something worthwhile that will help you in your future. The big question is HOW DO YOU APPLY? Well first, the eligibility criteria are listed below. Students wishing to participate in SROP must meet all of the following criteria:

• Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher (4.0 scale)

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Resident Assistant Applications!

A Message from the Office of Residential Education & Housing

The RA Recruitment & Selection team is still accepting applications for Resident Assistants for next year! To apply, go to RA Application.

If you are interested in applying for an RA position for next year, you must attend one RA information session. You don’t have to have submitted an application before you attend a session. Come learn more about this leadership position!

RA Applications 2014

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Info sessions will be held as follows:

  • Wednesday, October 15th (2 sessions)

    • 7:00pm in Burton Morgan Knobel Hall  
    • 9:00pm in Burton Morgan Knobel Hall 
  • Thursday, October 23rd
    •  8:00pm Burton Morgan  Knobel Hall 
  • Monday, November 3rd
    • 9:00pm Burton Morgan Knobel Hall 
  • Saturday, November 15th
    • 5:00pm All-American Room (Mitchell)

 If you have any questions please contact BaShaun Smith at smithb2@denison.edu or 740-587-6232.


New Social Space for La Fuerza Latina


Thursday, September 18 marked the joyous opening ceremony of the La Fuerza’s social space in Moshier-Hutchison House (otherwise known by students as “Mo-Hutch”) in the North Quad.

This proud success came after La Fuerza Latina’s long and emotional campaign for funds from DCGA (interested readers can read all about it here on the Denisonian). The organization’s purpose is to bring Latinos and students interested in the Latin American Culture together. Therefore, the lack of a common area for growing number of members to hang out and interact was a big disadvantage. Obtaining a social space was therefore a constant aspiration of the organization. Understandably, excitement was brewing in the air the day it became a reality.

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Paving the Way: Each One, Reach One


Over the summer, I was mailed a booklet that contained all first-year programs, including the pre-orientation programs that Denison offers. At first, I thought to myself, why would I want to get to college sooner? Why do I want to rush myself into this pool of bigger and scarier fish? All of these questions ran through my mind. However, there were certain pros that outweighed all of the cons. I would be able to settle into my residence hall before the entire campus arrives, I would be able to choose my side of the room first and I would get to meet new people. This was definitely a win-win-win situation. I checked out the programs and decided that Paving The Way: Each One, Reach One Pre-Orientation sponsored by Multi-Cultural Student Affairs would be a perfect fit for me. I would connect with so many people and get out of my shell. Coming from a predominantly African American educational and social experience, I knew it would be a change. Paving The Way seemed like it would address my questions and the change in my learning environment. Paving the Way did just that and more. We had sessions that addressed academic success, ethnic and cultural identities, personal development, and an exploration of resources to build stronger relationships with Denison University. We were even able to participate with another pre-orientation, specifically the International Student’s Pre-O. Through PTW, I was able to get the opportunity to meet and connect with students that are initially seen as different from me. After this activity, I grew to be more open about the people I meet. I still speak with the students that were in my group. Paving The Way tackled almost all of my fears and allowed me to create a great start to many amazing friendships.

Memories, memories, and more memories! I have three favorite memories from PTW. The first was when we took a “top secret” trip. My friends and I had some possible ideas in mind. After participating in icebreaker after icebreaker, we started to hear a rumor about the PTW staff taking us on a trip to Walmart and Target. We were so excited because after having just settled in on campus, we discovered that we needed more important things, like fans. However, the Paving The Way staff had other plans in mind. They took us to Dave and Busters. We were given free tokens and dinner which is the dream for all college students, at least it was mine!

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