Uribe speaks in the Language and Culture House

Kirmen Uribe is a young, acclaimed Basque/Spanish writer, whose work has garnered several prestigious awards.  According to literary critic Jon Kortazar “the work of Kirmen Uribe (born in Ondarroa in 1970) has brought a “quiet revolution” to Basque literature. In 2009, Uribe won the National Prize of Literature for his novel Bilbao-New York-Bilbao, a very original work that was received as a literary event in Spain. The critics have highlighted its capacity for finding new narrative forms within fiction without losing authenticity and communication with the reader. His book of poems Bitartean heldu eskutik (Meanwhile Take My Hand, Visor, 2003) was awarded the Critics´ Prize and has been translated into Spanish, French, Russian, Catalan, and English. Elizabeth Macklin’s translation into English was honored by the PEN American Center. Uribe obtained a Basque philology degree in Vitoria and completed postgraduate studies of comparative literature in Trento, Italy. He is the author of several multimedia projects that combine literature with different artistic disciplines, created in collaboration with musicians and artists of audiovisual and plastic arts. He also has written essays and fiction for children and young adults.


International French Language Comic Books Conference

On Saturday, November 3rd a group of Preston House residents with Professors Armstrong, Al-Masri and Choquet attended the International French Language Comic Books Conference at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The keynote speakers were Zeina Abirached, a comic book writer from Lebanon and Clément Baloup, a cartoonist of Vietnamese and French heritage.

The conference offered critical and theoretical presentations in all areas of French-language comics and showcased new avenues of research.