Be Well to Do Well

Without question, our community flourishes through ever-increasing projects, collaborative opportunities, co-curricular endeavors, and achievements beyond campus grounds. While this generative environment is certainly exciting, many untold stories dwell beneath the surface of our acclaimed successes. In particular, amidst the intentions of doing well, how do we acknowledge and create space for being well?

Be Well to Do Well invites storytellers and readers alike to explore underlying experiences of well-being. The stories featured illuminate powerful examples of healthy living while also provoking meaningful questions about our everyday lifestyles. Meanwhile, others call attention to deeply personal and often unspoken challenges that complicate being well. Whether celebratory or simply thought-provoking, these stories give rise to the holistic nature of well-being, elevating the physical, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions of human experience.

Not readily transparent, well-being depends on human voices to be recognized and valued. Therefore, inspired readers are invited to contribute comments and stories of their own to build upon this collective narrative. That is, we are all co-authors creating an ongoing storyline for being and living well.


Be Well

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