Can We Break Down Invisible Social Barriers?

By: Julia Wynn ’14

“The friends I’ve made here I know I’m going to have for a long time.” – Audrey Gone ’14.


“These are the people that stick around. We talk about sharing lake houses with each other and making sure our kids are friends or else.” – Bridget McDevitt ’14.

We’re a special group of people, us Denison students. Whether it’s Admissions, our parents, ourselves, or all three parties who get kudos for that, I’m not sure, but bravo. Yet somehow we allow our social potential to be thwarted by a disappointing force: the inescapable lure of cliquey social groups. As these two seniors reflect on the development of their social circles, they agree that this exclusivity presents itself as soon as students arrive on campus their freshman year. To read the full story, click here.

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