Transitioning Back to Campus after Studies Abroad: A Closer Look at the Challenges to Social Well-Being

By: Estelle Pappas ’15

As the spring semester comes to a close, many students abroad are preparing their return home whereas  others are planning to venture oversees in the forthcoming school year. With the number of Denison students exploring off-campus studies, it’s certainly a valued opportunity that generates many positive experiences. As Inside Higher Ed notes, studies abroad are even-expanding given the global interests of our current generation. Yet, less of a focal point in the public eye are the challenges students experience socially when away from and upon returning to campus after being abroad. While such challenges may provoke some students to develop deeper insights into their sense of self, others may find themselves feeling somewhat lost by the transition between drastically different environments. As the Minnesota Daily reports, students struggle most with resuming the social life they had before leaving campus. This struggle is one among many potential difficulties off-campus study students may face.

In the following story, students explain the challenges they experienced during their transition back to campus after studying abroad, while also offering suggestions for sustaining wellness. For the full story, click here.

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