LinkedIn 101

LinkedIn Student Profile

What is Linkedin?

LinkedIn™ is your living, digital resume and “The world’s largest professional network,” boasting 300 million members worldwide. The purpose of the site is to foster professional connections—you can find people, jobs, ideas, and news to improve your professional life.

Profile Basics: What do I need?

Here’s what LinkedIn™ Suggests College Students include on their LinkedIn Profile:

◻ The Photo: a professional headshot; just you, no cropping others out, no drink in your hand.

◻ The Headline: Your interests, the job or internship you’re seeking, your passion (in 120 characters or less).

◻ Summary: Tell the world what you do well, what you’re passionate about, and your future direction.

◻ Experience: This is the resume part; list your job experience ranging from part-time, to internship, to summer and full-time work. Describe your responsibilities and accomplishments using action words as you would on a resume.

◻ Organizations: List your membership or involvement with student organizations, honor societies, Greek life, and professional associations.

◻ Education: Beginning with college, list your educational experiences, including any summer and off-campus experiences. Be sure to include your major or program and date ranges.

◻ Volunteer Experience & Causes: Have you participated in service on campus through the Denison Community Association or your Greek chapter? How about during the summer? Let the world know the causes you care about.

◻ Skills & Expertise: List the things you do well, both soft and hard/technical skills. Be sure to include any specialized software applicable to your field (ex: SPSS, STATA, JMP).

◻ Honors & Awards: University-wide, departmental, national, your merit scholarship, anything; here’s the place to brag.

◻ Courses: List some courses that demonstrate your interests and skills that are applicable to what you want to do in the future.

◻ Projects: talk about projects you did for class, a student group, internship, or for fun—describe the project and process.

But, do I really need a LinkedIn™?

LinkedIn™ is a great way to keep track of the things you do related to life after college. The longer you have a profile, and the more you build it out, the easier it will be for individuals to find you, and hire you. LinkedIn™ reports that individuals with a complete profile are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn!  Even if you’re not looking for a job or internship yet, make a profile to connect with classmates and professionals you meet. Future you will thank you!

Check out LinkedIn’s Student page for more information, or stop by the Center for Career Exploration.

Stay tuned for posts on how to best utilize LinkedIn™ and information on advanced features!

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