Level up: All-star LinkedIn features for Students

How to set up a student linked profile

You’ve perfected your profile and connected with some great professionals, what else can you do? Read on to learn about three LinkedIn features that can bring your profile to the next level!


Many LinkedIn users know that skill endorsements are a good way to show off your abilities, and demonstrate that others agree you have those abilities, too. But, have you ever used the recommendation feature?

Below you can see an example of LinkedIn recommendations. They appear with the job description corresponding with the recommendation:

recommendation, linkedin

Who can leave a recommendation?

Coworkers, supervisors, clients, professors, partners at another company—anyone who can talk about your work ethic or specific skills.

Why would I want a recommendation?

Think of a LinkedIn recommendation as a digital reference—someone was impressed enough with your work that they wanted to share it with your professional world.

How do I get a recommendation?

Someone who is really impressed and familiar with LinkedIn’s features may leave you one without asking. However, the best way to get anything, is to ask! Go to the bottom of your profile and click, “Ask to be Recommended,” it will walk you through the steps after that. As always, be sure to send a personal message

What should I do after I get a recommendation?

Thank your recommender! Send them an email or thank you card, and importantly—return the favor.

Adding Content

Do you blog, or have digital content somewhere? Have you given a great presentation, or taken stellar photos or videos that demonstrate your abilities? Think of LinkedIn as a place for you to display your portfolio. It’s easy to do:

  1. Scroll to the section in your employment or education history where you’d like to post your content.
  2. At the bottom you’ll see the options below.
  3. Click on the box for the item that corresponds with the content you’d like to upload.

Screen shot 2016-01-22 at 10.10.37 am

Adding content makes your profile more interesting, and shows, rather than tells, what you did in the corresponding position.


Interested in sharing some of your knowledge with the greater LinkedIn community? Do you have a professional or personal experience that’s worth sharing? Our bet is, you do.

LinkedIn is looking to get more young voices in their blogging platform and there’s good reasons to participate: your profile view rates could rise, someone could reach out to you about your post, and some students were offered jobs or speaking opportunities! As LinkedIn says, “turn your knowledge and experiences into opportunity” Check out their student resources here, and be sure to tag your post with #studentvoices!

To publish your content, simply click “Publish a post” on the top of your home page!

Interested in publishing? Make an appointment to brainstorm with a career advisor, chat with your friends, or an academic advisor.

Some quick tips:

  1. Keep it short, and engaging.
  2. Use graphics, but only with proper attribution.
  3. Answer comments on your post
  4. If you re-post from another blog, be sure to attribute the original source to avoid issues of duplicate content.

There you have it–an all-star LinkedIn profile in a few simple steps. Check out our LinkedIn 101 and LinkedIn 201 posts for more information if you missed them!