What Does the Fox Say: Abroad and My Career?

Dear Dr. Fox, 

All around campus this week I’ve seen information about going abroad.  I’ve never really thought about it and now I’m wondering if an experience abroad can help me in my career journey.   Is this something I should consider?

– Confused In Granville

Dear Confused In Granville, 

Great question!  Dr. Fox is actually headed to Paris this week to explore additional opportunities to send students abroad, so I’ll take this question for you!   Studying abroad or doing an international internship can be a life-changing experience–studying or interning in another country can expand your understanding of other cultures, help you gain independence, and see the world from a different angle;  all valuable skills in an increasingly globalized world.

Hopefully, you had a chance to check out some of the awesome opportunities this week during Global Education Week.  But if not, don’t worry!  Both Off-Campus Study and the Knowlton Center can help you learn more about which opportunities are right for you and how to pursue them with the proper planning. Abroad experiences can be affordable and accessible no matter your major or extra-curricular commitments.

Are you aware of the free resource available to you called Going Global*?  This tool provides country-specific career and employment information, internship opportunities and cultural advice, be sure to check it out!   Look for more information to come from our office about internship opportunities in India as well!

Keep your eye out for more information from our office about internship opportunities in India as well!

Jet-lagged Dr. Fox will be back next week with more great advice!


*Be sure to create your Going Global account from a campus IP address–contact the Knowlton Center with any questions.