What Does the Fox Say: Articulating Your Abroad Experience

Bonjour from Burton Morgan!  I’m back from Paris where I had the opportunity to go with a Denison group to visit with faculty and administrators at the American University of Paris to discuss the possibility of establishing a possible summer program focusing on International Business. Stay tuned!

On the long flight back, I reflected on how our students articulate the benefits of an international experience.  We know that many employers place importance on international experiences, and such experience will benefit students who want to work for globally competitive organizations.

However, as transformational as an international experience can be, it is often very difficult for students to confidently articulate the value of the experience. Here is a list of some of my favorite competencies gained from participating an international experience. Think about how you convey these, using your own words and examples, in a resume, cover letter, interview, or networking opportunity:

“My international experience provided me the opportunity to: …

  1. Step outside of my comfort zone
  2. Work and learn independently
  3. Become adaptable to situations of change
  4. Apply information to new or broader contexts
  5. Identify social/political/global implications of decisions
  6. Interact with people who hold different interests, values, or perspectives
  7. Understand cultural difference in the workplace (classroom, etc.)
  8. Undertake tasks and opportunities that are unfamiliar