Summer Internship Series: Getting Dumped by an Internship 4 Days Before the Start Date

Brenner Bodell ’18
Airtame, New  York City

The beginning of my summer was full of fun and excitement. I had just gotten back from being abroad in London and had secured an internship working for a London start-up in New York City. I spent the weeks leading up to my time in New York City hanging out with family and friends anxiously waiting to start work and move to New York City. This was all threatened when the day before I was to leave for New York, and 4 days before I was supposed to report to my internship I received an email out of the blue explaining my internship had been canceled. The internship I had secured months before and had signed an offer letter for. Shocked and faced with a now possible extremely unproductive summer I decided to go to New York anyway and try my luck at finding a last-minute position. Luckily I was found a new position on a tech startup website and was interviewed and hired within a week of getting to New York. This job at a company called Airtame was actually a better position for me anyway! I was given way more opportunities and able to work with a young extremely innovative company that has put me in great positions for my future Job search. Denison has taught me many things. Resilience is definitely one of those things and it really came in handy this summer when I thought the summer I had planned was in jeopardy. I strongly believe my diverse education prepared me very well for this summer and my internship. This opportunity has led to more opportunities as I am working for the same startup part time now! I am thankful for the Denison community in continuously supporting me!