Summer Internship Series: Big Apple, Little Al

Allison Schacht ’18
God’s Love We Deliver, SoHo, New YorkLogo for god's love we deliver - an image of a hand white over red heart

My name is Allison Schacht and I am a senior Psychology major, with a Queer Studies concentration. This summer I interned at a non-profit called God’s Love We Deliver, located in SoHo, New York. God’s Love essentially works with clients who suffer from a range of diagnoses (a list of over 200) that prohibit them from being able to cook or grocery shop for themselves. The organization cooks, prepares and delivers thousands of meals every day to individuals free of charge.

I have always been involved in various non-profit organization throughout my life, but I wanted to actually spend a significant amount of time working “behind the scenes” to see how things actually run. I was a research intern for the COO and did a variety projects such as how to broaden the volunteer base of certain sections of the organization and completing a video promo for their website. I was also able to complete client paperwork and understand how much work goes into a non-profit every single day in order to keep things running smoothly.

Since this was my first time working in this type of an office setting, I developed confidence and skills regarding how I behaved and interacted in a work setting. Throughout the summer, I was able to complete a volunteer shift with each additional section of the organization: kitchen, packaging, and delivery. Helping deliver the food was definitely the most impactful because I was able to meet the clients and get a true sense of how much they relied on this organization.

Working for God’s Love We Deliver was a great experience for me, motivating me to continue my involvement with non-profit organizations after graduation.