Summer Internship Series: Solar Spotlight

Kathlyn Craigie ’18
Intern, Small Town Solar, Granville, Ohio

Summer internship series: solar spotlight - js8af5trroomclb2zdjg_small_town_solar_headshot_kathlyn_7-150x150.jpg image #0My name is Kathlyn Craigie and I am a senior at Denison University. I am a double major in Communication and Psychology and had an internship with Small Town Solar this summer. Prior to this internship, I did not have much knowledge about solar energy or renewable resources. After hands-on installing solar panels on roofs, interviewing local Licking County residents how have installed solar arrays, initiating marketing campaigns and researching renewable energy, I have learned many life skills I will use once I graduate Denison.

Working for Small Town Solar, there was no ‘typical’ day. Each day brought new experiences and activities. For instance, one day we would have a group huddle in the Gilpatrick House, the next day we would be traveling all around Licking County visiting different solar arrays, the next we would hike to the solar installations in the Denison University Bio Reserve and the day after that we would install our own solar systems. I loved working for Small Town Solar because each day was exciting and different from the day before.

My favorite part of my internship this summer was learning how to DIY solar. I gained so much knowledge, I was even able to convince my parents to go solar too! When I went back home after my internship ended, I climbed up on the roof of my house and did a solar analysis of my roof. Prior to this internship, I would have never been able to complete that analysis.

I would like to the thank Cookie Sunkle in the Liska Center, the Knowlton Center for Career Exploration, Jeremy ’97 and Susan King ’96 and Jon Ulmer ’93. Without all your help, I would have never had this incredible experience and an unforgettable summer.