Summer Internship Series: A Good O.R. Playlist Goes a Long Way in a 6 Hour Surgery

Kristen Brennan ’18

Aesthetica, Doctors Hospital, Columbus, Ohio

Hello Everyone! My name is Kristen Brennan and I am a senior Biology major on the hill! This summer, I had the incredible opportunity to shadow two Denison alumni, Drs. Anne Taylor and Ariel Biggs in the Columbus, OH area. Dr. Taylor works independently in her own plastic surgery practice, Aesthetica, and Dr. Biggs is a hospitalist at Doctors Hospital in Columbus. I spent a month working with these two incredible physicians; watching them operate, tend to patients, operate administratively, and in their home lives as well.

I have shadowed physicians for a few years now but this internship was different. When you have doctors generous enough to let you live in their homes throughout the duration of the internship, they are being generous enough to let you into the side of being a doctor that most people do not think about. Being able to witness Dr. Taylor’s roles as a mother and a physician inspired me and motivated me to follow my dreams more than ever before. On a typical day, I would wake up around 5:15 so that I could get to Doctor’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio by 6:30 to round with the residents and see patients with Dr. Biggs. After spending the mornings with Dr. Biggs we would then go to shadow Dr. Taylor at her office for the rest of the day either in consultations or watching minor in office operations. About two times a week we had the opportunity to watch Dr. Taylor operate at the surgical center. Being exposed to surgery this close and watching how the entire O.R. team operates was extremely beneficial in gauging my comfortability and interests for potential future directions I would like to pursue in the field of medicine. I am more confident than ever that this career path is the one for me and that I will continue to work as hard as I can to put myself in a position to help people on the level that Dr. Biggs and Dr. Taylor do every day. I learned that there is no set rules to follow regarding how to go about speaking and working with patients but that in a state of being their healthcare provider it is your obligation to treat everyone to the best of your ability and to always do it with respect, compassion, and genuine intentions.

I am fortunate to call these two amazing women my mentors and I hope that I will be able to continue on one day as yet another Denison woman working in the field of medicine.