Denison Internship Program: Featured Summer Intern

Max Curtin

Year:  Class of 2021
Majors:  Global Commerce & Economics
Internship Provider:  Denison University’s Investment Office
Title:  Summer Intern
Location:  Granville, OH

What are you doing for your internship? What are some of your responsibilities?

I couldn’t have asked for more from my first internship experience. I’m now in my 10th and final week at the office this summer, and while the time has certainly flown by, I feel as though I have been a part of this team forever! In a small office environment that consists of just seven full-time employees, the two other interns and myself find it very comforting to have joined such a tight-knit group. I started on Day 1 back in May by working with Caïssa, a multi asset class portfolio analytics software new to the office earlier this year with the hopes of updating the portfolio’s records on all fronts in order to more accurately forecast future projections. In the process, I have learned a massive amount about a wide range of asset classes in our Endowment’s portfolio, and more broadly about investing as a whole. Along the way, I earned my Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) Certification and familiarized myself with the Bloomberg Terminal, honed my skills with Microsoft Excel, and presented on Bonds and Fixed Income in a PowerPoint Presentation in front of the whole office.

What do you like most about your internship so far? What has been your favorite part of the experience?

There hasn’t been anything about my internship that I haven’t liked, so this is a tough question. If I had to narrow it down to one part, it would be having the opportunity every day to pick the brains of everyone around me in the office. It’s so refreshing to be in a work environment where people not only are knowledgeable and passionate about the industry, but eager to share what they have learned!

Which skills have you learned or strengthened during your internship that you think will help when applying for jobs/graduate schools?

The three biggest skill takeaways that come to mind are Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Bloomberg. With that being said, the most valuable skills I have learned are things I have picked up from every-day experiences in the office. I have learned just how important attention to detail can be in the workplace, and how the “little things” can sometimes make all the difference.

How has your time and experience at Denison prepared you for this internship? How have you used your liberal arts education during your internship?

I have used my liberal arts education every single day during my internship. Articulating ideas and coming up with meaningful questions are important in every industry, and finance is certainly no different. By approaching every task seriously and with care, I have been able to maximize my efficiency and really make a difference in the office. Additionally, listening and making key takeaways has proven to be invaluable for me this summer. I believe it’s something that is a major part of a liberal arts education, and also a major part of life!