Denison Internship Program: Featured Summer Intern

Caeli Davis

Year:  Class of 2021
Majors:  Biology, and Health, Exercise & Sport Studies (HESS)
Internship Provider:  University of Kentucky
Title:  Research Assistant
Location:  Lexington, KY

What are you doing for your internship? What are some of your responsibilities?

I am conducting research on ovarian cancer. I am looking specifically at fluids in screening and if a sonographer sees fluids in a screening can it correlate to cancer or abnormalities. Every day I collect the data from the sonographers and then go back to the lab and analyze the results. Also, go through the patient records and see if they have a family history of cancer. Through this research, I will be able to identify if there are fluids in a patients screening will that raise concern.

What do you like most about your internship so far? What has been your favorite part of the experience?

My favorite part of the internship is learning more about how to conduct research and how screening patients can result in discovering maybe the cause of ovarian cancer or other types of cancer. I also love how I am able to do research but have days where I am experiencing vast areas of the medical field if that being observing live surgeries in the OR, doing rotations with the medical students or working with a different provider to see what they do and sitting in to Tumor Conference where doctors talk about their patients and see what they are doing is the best thing for the patient. Also exploring Kentucky and seeing Lexington with the different opportunities they offer. More importantly, listening to the patients and hear their stories on how grateful they are for the program and how it saved their lives.

Which skills have you learned or strengthened during your internship that you think will help when applying for jobs/graduate schools?

I have strengthened my use of Microsoft Excel and analyzing data. Also, multitasking I have learned that I feel will help me when applying for jobs in the future. Another thing is not having tunnel vision taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture because there were times I became frustrated and taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture helped me from not missing anything. I am able to communicate with coworkers and patients effectively I am not as nervous and is able to vocalize what I needed or what I can bring to the table. I feel that these skills will be applicable to any team-based job that covers multiple duties. I also feel more prepared for a job with the potential to grow into a higher position.

How has your time and experience at Denison prepared you for this internship? How have you used your liberal arts education during your internship?

My time and experiences at Denison have definitely prepared me for my internship. Especially with my HESS degree and learning about the patients and not treating them like such. Even with the multiple assignments, I am given in the office, it is no different than Denison’s rigorous and fast paced required academic assignments from the variety of classes that I take. In addition, my experiences at Denison, working in the classroom, consist of problem solving and creativity. For the most part, I was doing lab work the attention to detail that I learned is really important especially for what I am doing.