Considering the at-home GRE? What you need to know!

Are you thinking about taking the at-home GRE? If so, here are 5 things to consider!

For many Denisonians, attending graduate school is an eventual goal. Whether that goal is something you plan to seek within this year, or the next few years, now is a great time to consider your GRE prep (as scores are valid for five years)! In response to COVID-19, ETS, who administers the GRE general test, is offering a fabulous at-home version! At-home administrations are currently available around the clock, seven days a week through September 30, 2020. Before you hop to registration (because you are excited right??), here are five things you need to know:

1). This is the exact same test you would take in-person.

The at-home GRE costs the same ($205), provides the same on-screen experience, and features the same test content. Your score report will not even indicate to schools if you tested in-person or at-home.

2). Security is high for the at-home test, but not in a way that will impede your experience.

There are quite a few requirements and procedures for taking the at-home version of the GRE. In order to take an at home test appointment, you must have a private room that includes a desk or table where you will take the test. Your desk or table must be cleared of all non-testing materials. You will be recorded during your test session and a photo from the test session will be made available in the ETS Data Manager as part of your score record to the institutions you designate. You will be monitored by a human proctor during your entire test session. The proctor will connect with you during the check-in process, verify your identification document, and will monitor you throughout the entire session to ensure you are following all testing procedures. It can feel like a lot, but in-person testing centers have similar requirements!

3). The at-home test is available for PC and Mac users.

Before registering, go onto ETS to ensure that your computer meets the tech requirements for the test. You must use a laptop or desktop computer. You are not able to use a phone or tablet.

4). The at-home version of the GRE general test is very, very convenient!

The at-home test is available everywhere worldwide currently, with the exception of mainland China and Iran. Currently, at home GRE General Test administrations are available around the clock, seven days a week through September 30, 2020. Appointments may be available as early as 24 hours after you register.

5). Accommodations are still available even with the at-home test version!

Visit ETS’s main website for more information on eligibility, available accommodations, and more!

If you are strongly considering the at-home GRE (or the in-person test!) reach out to the Knowlton Center for assistance in preparing for the test!

Authored by Sara Stasko, Associate Director for Graduate School & Pre-Health Advising