Dear Class of 2020

To all graduating seniors looking for career opportunities, be patient, and focus on learning. As a member of the Class of 2008, the economic climate post-graduation was depressed with the real estate and financial sector contributing to most of the decline. International trade, as well as the auto industry, were also shocked into submission. I mention this economic crisis, not to compare it to our current economic climate, but instead, to say that this is not a unique time to find a job (although certainly a very unique time to live).

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Wisr: Networking Made Easy

Get Wisr.

The Knowlton Center is proud to unveil our newest resource to help make networking made easy. Wisr is a tool that allows you to search for Denison alumni in your field and organize networking conversations. Click this link to get started with Wisr!

You start off by connecting through your LinkdIn account (so make sure your account is up to date!).

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Land the Internship? Are you Ready to Make the Most of It?

Land the internship? are you ready to make most of it? - denison-internship-program-2018-presentation.jpg image #0Internships are important.  You know that by now.  An internship provides you the opportunity to develop valuable skills, build your resume, gain experience, grow your network, explore industries and hopefully earn some money. While you might be tired everyone telling you to find an internship, the reality is internships are valuable and necessary.  Perhaps more essential than you initially thought.

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Summer Internship Series: Journey on the Path to Find the Cure for Cancer

Neel Kejriwal ’18

National Cancer Institute

My name is Neel Kejriwal, I am a Biochemistry major and currently a senior. Over my summer I had the opportunity to work at one of the top cancer research labs in the country- NCI under the guidance of well renowned scientists from all around the world. It was a three-month experience where I spent the first few weeks shadowing and understanding the roles of the researchers in the field and then actually working on a research project.

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Summer Internship Series: Rocky Mountain High Volunteering

Isaac Bertman ‘19
Marketing Intern, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, Denver, Colorado

Summer internship series: rocky mountain high volunteering - voc-logo-small-e1506627797395.png image #0My name is Isaac Bertman, I’m in the Philosophy, Politics and Economics program at Denison and over the summer I had the privilege of working with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) as a marketing intern. VOC is a Denver-based nonprofit that is dedicated to motivating and enabling Colorado’s citizens to take care of their natural areas.

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Summer Internship Series: Getting Dumped by an Internship 4 Days Before the Start Date

Brenner Bodell ’18
Airtame, New  York City

The beginning of my summer was full of fun and excitement. I had just gotten back from being abroad in London and had secured an internship working for a London start-up in New York City. I spent the weeks leading up to my time in New York City hanging out with family and friends anxiously waiting to start work and move to New York City. This

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Meet The Peers

We have a great line-up of peer advisors ready to help you take on a number of career related issues!  Learn a little bit more about these fantastic career ambassadors. 

Alex frankAlex Frank is a senior majoring in Psychology and Cinema.  Alex shared “I’m so excited to be a part of the Knowlton Center team this year!

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Welcome to the 17-18 Academic Year

Hank Malin P’15  
Executive Director, Knowlton Center for Career Exploration

The Knowlton Center for Career Exploration team welcomes you to the 2017-2018 academic year! Regardless of how you spent the last few months, we hope you had a great experience. 

I just joined the Knowlton Center at Executive Director earlier this summer, although I joined the Denison family six years ago when my older son started here as a member of the Class of 2015.

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Listen, we need to talk about commitment.

Listen, we need to talk about commitment.

Listen, we need to talk about commitment

I know, we’re all millennials—I mark “interested” on Facebook events so I’ll get a notification an hour before the event so I can decide then if I want to go—I get it. If something isn’t on my calendar, there’s a good chance that I’ll forget to do it (I’m working on that).

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