5 Reasons to Consider Columbus Post-Grad

Where do you want to be after graduation? We have a list of five reasons you should add our neighbor to the west to your short list!

1. Jobs, anyone?

Columbus is a city of opportunities for individuals of many interests. The area is home to leaders in business, finance, nonprofit, startups, education, healthcare, even fashion.

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Take 90 seconds to do these 3 things to increase your visibility on LinkedIn!

:90 to a stronger LinkedIn profile

Step One:

LinkedIn rolled out a new feature in the last couple weeks that you don’t want to miss out on, the ability to signal to recruiters that you’re open to opportunities. Simply navigate to the Jobs tab and click “Preferences” and toggle the option on.

Whether you’re looking for internships or full-time employment, you’ll want to make sure this option is selected.

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What Does the Fox Say: Articulating Your Abroad Experience

Bonjour from Burton Morgan!  I’m back from Paris where I had the opportunity to go with a Denison group to visit with faculty and administrators at the American University of Paris to discuss the possibility of establishing a possible summer program focusing on International Business. Stay tuned!

On the long flight back, I reflected on how our students articulate the benefits of an international experience. 

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Life Hack: Mint

Life hack: mint

What is it?

Mint is an online budgeting tool that helps you seamlessly manage your finances. You enter your account information and it keeps track of your money that comes in, goes out, and where it goes. The best part? It has the security of online banking, so your information is safe. Bonus: they have an amazing app, so you can budget on the go!

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What Does the Fox Say: Abroad and My Career?

Dear Dr. Fox, 

All around campus this week I’ve seen information about going abroad.  I’ve never really thought about it and now I’m wondering if an experience abroad can help me in my career journey.   Is this something I should consider?

– Confused In Granville

Dear Confused In Granville, 

Great question!  Dr. Fox is actually headed to Paris this week to explore additional opportunities to send students abroad, so I’ll take this question for you!  

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What Does the Fox Say: What General Advice Do You Have for Us?

What does the fox say?-2

Dear DocFox –

We are through the first couple of weeks of school, any general advice you have for us?

The Fox Says:

Admittedly, I used to despise inspirational quotes.  I have never purchased or read a single Chicken Soup for the Soul book.  Maybe it’s the fact that I’m now in my 40’s, or perhaps it’s my time spent working with college students, but I tend to look at some inspirational quotes from a new perspective. 

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Think how you spent your summer isn’t important? think again!

Make an appointment!
Check out some great advice from Michele Doran, Associate Director, Knowlton Center for Career Exploration!

While having an internship at a Fortune 500 company or conducting summer research certainly stands out on a resume, not every student, for various reasons will participate in that type of opportunity. So what DID you do this summer?  I am always surprised at how sheepishly students bring up the fact that they didn’t have an internship over the summer.

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What Does the Fox Say: Why so many Icebreakers??

What does the fox say?-2

Dear DocFox –

I’ve been here for less than 2 weeks and I feel like I’m spending half my time answering the same 4 questions:
What is my name, what is my hometown, what is my major, and my least favorite: what is something interesting about me. What gives??

M. from Chicago

First-Year, Undecided Major (maybe Anthropology/Sociology)
(Oh, and in case you are wondering, I am an aspiring entrepreneur and started a dog walking business this summer.)

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Linkedin Extra Credit: LinkedIn Jobs

Looking to learn more about a company you admire? Have some connections at a company, but you’re not sure what they do? Maybe you’ll soon enter the job search and want to get a feel for the type of positions available. LinkedIn Jobs is a great place to start!

As an example, I’ll use Nationwide Insurance, headquartered in neighboring Columbus, and an employer of plenty of Denison alumni!

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