CandidCareer – Career Video Platform

We want to tell you about one of our new online resources here at the Knowlton Center. In addition to enjoying our one-on-one career appointments, peer advisors, and career labs, we now have available a YouTube-esque video platform that allows students to explore career paths through informational interviews with professionals.

The platform is CandidCareer. Access the platform here at!

CandidCareer has a library of career-specific informational interviews with industry professionals. This is an excellent way to explore the field that you hope to enter. You are able to learn information about jobs directly from those who work them, and there are a lot of jobs represented too! CandidCareer has hundreds of videos available.

In addition to job specific interviews, CandidCareer also has a library of videos to help with anything career related. Need tips on writing a cover letter? Done. Need tips on creating a great LinkedIn profile? Done. Even if you aren’t looking for anything specific exploring through CandidCareer is an excellent source to peruse as you start gearing down for interviews and careers after Denison.

So if you want an edge on your job search and to learn reliable information about the process at any time, check out Candid Career!

Career Ready Bootcamp!

The week before the semester started the Knowlton Center brought 18 sophomore and junior students from back to campus to participate in a 3-day intensive career-readiness program. The students came from all over Denison representing different majors and extracurricular activities all with one goal: to prepare for internships and careers after Denison.

The Students all came together and participated in several preparation workshops with our career coaches. These workshops focused on writing resumes and cover letters, networking, LinkedIn Profiles, and interviewing. Additionally we were all able to participate in a voice training session with Voice Coach from Available Light Theatre, Acacia Duncan. Acacia demonstrated techniques to add confidence to your voice and covered the dos and don’ts of presenting yourself vocally.

The program also included a day business trip to Columbus. There the students toured companies from several different industries and were able to gain a perspective of professional life in Columbus, a hub of employment for recent Denison grads. The trip culminated with a networking event with several Denison alumni. The students were able to practice their networking skills and make professional connections with Denison alumni.

The last day of the program gave the students a chance to apply everything they learned in a series of mock interviews. They were given a chance to perfect their resumes and choose from a list of sample internships to interview for with our career coaches and other professionals around the college. This allowed the students to interview and receive valuable feedback. Later the students participated in a Designing Your Life Workshop, a program offered by the Knowlton Center in conjunction with the Red Fram Lab developed from the strategies of Design Thinking out of Stanford. The workshop allows you to plan several versions of your future and what steps you need to take and when, and is intended to keep your mind open to innovation.

This “Career Ready Bootcamp” is an idea that the Knowlton Center has been thinking of for a while now but was finally able to bring it to fruition this year. The program was a success and we hope to bring it to Denison annually so we can do what we do best: career preparation!

Wisr: Networking Made Easy

Get Wisr.

The Knowlton Center is proud to unveil our newest resource to help make networking made easy. Wisr is a tool that allows you to search for Denison alumni in your field and organize networking conversations. Click this link to get started with Wisr!

You start off by connecting through your LinkdIn account (so make sure your account is up to date!). Once you have entered all of your information, you can start searching for alumni. Your Wisr dashboard will automatically suggest alumni to you, but you can always browse through different industries. Once you find someone you want to connect with you can either message them or request a call. Both are great ways to start learning more. If you request a call, the system will help you schedule a time that works and will send you both an individualized number. All you have to do is call that number and you will be connected. Be sure to have questions prepared!

Networking is a great way to develop professional relationships, learn more about industries, and learn specific information on companies and positions. Building connections can help you with your exploration process and potentially widen job prospects. Wisr helps facilitate this by putting you in contact with alumni who are more than willing to help you out.

Want to learn more about networking? Visit the Knowlton Center in Burton Morgan! We can offer you information on how to build your professional network and sign you up for a networking workshop with one of our career coaches.

Welcome to the 17-18 Academic Year

Hank Malin P’15  
Executive Director, Knowlton Center for Career Exploration

The Knowlton Center for Career Exploration team welcomes you to the 2017-2018 academic year! Regardless of how you spent the last few months, we hope you had a great experience. 

I just joined the Knowlton Center at Executive Director earlier this summer, although I joined the Denison family six years ago when my older son started here as a member of the Class of 2015. My professional background includes 14 years in education as a teacher and admissions professional, followed by 20 years at General Mills working in the human resources function. I am delighted to be back in higher education. I have learned through my early conversations with some of you that the career exploration process can feel overwhelming at times. That was my experience when I was in college as well, but I encourage you to own the process and come see us and ask for help!

The Knowlton Center team has been preparing all summer for your arrival.  We’ve made some changes to physical space and shortened our coaching appointments from 60 to 30 minutes so we can expand our program offerings.  Additionally, while retaining our commitment to true career exploration, our career coaches will be offering a focus on specialized career paths.  Finally, we are launching the concept of “labs” (sessions on topics ranging from a general introduction to the career exploration process to resume writing to networking and landing a great internships or job.)  These changes were made to better help you more fully explore your future career and life!

You’ll hear from us regularly throughout this year, including the weekly Knowlton Note. I hope you’ll take the time to read what we send you and to fully engage in your future!  Have a great year and hope to see you at the Knowlton Center soon!

Think how you spent your summer isn’t important? think again!

Make an appointment!
Check out some great advice from Michele Doran, Associate Director, Knowlton Center for Career Exploration!

While having an internship at a Fortune 500 company or conducting summer research certainly stands out on a resume, not every student, for various reasons will participate in that type of opportunity. So what DID you do this summer?  I am always surprised at how sheepishly students bring up the fact that they didn’t have an internship over the summer. In most cases students had a “summer job” and unfortunately, many seem embarrassed by that.

Summer internships and research can be very valuable with regards to career preparation, however, students should not discount the importance of other types of summer experiences. The important thing is to reflect deeply on how you grew over the summer.


If you traveled, did you learn to problem solve, get more comfortable with other cultures, step outside of your comfort zone? Perhaps this is the only time due to academics that you had the time to travel, no need to apologize for that. Traveling and experiencing new places can be very influential to your overall personal growth.


Maybe you had a less-than-glamorous summer job. What did skills did you develop?  Did you develop a work ethic, work with a diverse team, gain an understanding of the importance of deadlines and maybe get exposure to a career field that you never thought of? Spent your summer as a nanny or babysitter? Consider time management skills developed getting multiple children to different activities at different locations, conflict resolution (when dealing with sibling squabbles) and negotiating skills (no one drives a harder bargain than a truculent teenager).

Time to update that resume!

When you are updating your resume at the end of summer make sure to take the time to reflect on your experience. Ask yourself what instances made you stretch yourself, what seemed most important to you and how might these learning experiences be transferable to other fields? It isn’t too late to start a journal to take notes. When adding to your resume remember to focus on your accomplishments and not necessarily each individual task for which you were responsible.

Of course, the staff from The Austin E. Knowlton Center for Career Exploration is ready to help you wade through these questions, regardless of what how you spent your summer—we can’t wait to see you soon!

Level up: All-star LinkedIn features for Students

How to set up a student linked profile

You’ve perfected your profile and connected with some great professionals, what else can you do? Read on to learn about three LinkedIn features that can bring your profile to the next level!


Many LinkedIn users know that skill endorsements are a good way to show off your abilities, and demonstrate that others agree you have those abilities, too. But, have you ever used the recommendation feature?

Below you can see an example of LinkedIn recommendations. They appear with the job description corresponding with the recommendation:

recommendation, linkedin

Who can leave a recommendation?

Coworkers, supervisors, clients, professors, partners at another company—anyone who can talk about your work ethic or specific skills.

Why would I want a recommendation?

Think of a LinkedIn recommendation as a digital reference—someone was impressed enough with your work that they wanted to share it with your professional world.

How do I get a recommendation?

Someone who is really impressed and familiar with LinkedIn’s features may leave you one without asking. However, the best way to get anything, is to ask! Go to the bottom of your profile and click, “Ask to be Recommended,” it will walk you through the steps after that. As always, be sure to send a personal message

What should I do after I get a recommendation?

Thank your recommender! Send them an email or thank you card, and importantly—return the favor.

Adding Content

Do you blog, or have digital content somewhere? Have you given a great presentation, or taken stellar photos or videos that demonstrate your abilities? Think of LinkedIn as a place for you to display your portfolio. It’s easy to do:

  1. Scroll to the section in your employment or education history where you’d like to post your content.
  2. At the bottom you’ll see the options below.
  3. Click on the box for the item that corresponds with the content you’d like to upload.

Screen shot 2016-01-22 at 10.10.37 am

Adding content makes your profile more interesting, and shows, rather than tells, what you did in the corresponding position.


Interested in sharing some of your knowledge with the greater LinkedIn community? Do you have a professional or personal experience that’s worth sharing? Our bet is, you do.

LinkedIn is looking to get more young voices in their blogging platform and there’s good reasons to participate: your profile view rates could rise, someone could reach out to you about your post, and some students were offered jobs or speaking opportunities! As LinkedIn says, “turn your knowledge and experiences into opportunity” Check out their student resources here, and be sure to tag your post with #studentvoices!

To publish your content, simply click “Publish a post” on the top of your home page!

Interested in publishing? Make an appointment to brainstorm with a career advisor, chat with your friends, or an academic advisor.

Some quick tips:

  1. Keep it short, and engaging.
  2. Use graphics, but only with proper attribution.
  3. Answer comments on your post
  4. If you re-post from another blog, be sure to attribute the original source to avoid issues of duplicate content.

There you have it–an all-star LinkedIn profile in a few simple steps. Check out our LinkedIn 101 and LinkedIn 201 posts for more information if you missed them!

LinkedIn 201: How do I connect with people I don’t know?

How to set up a student linked profile

Find Alumni Feature

How do you begin a conversation with someone you don’t know? Start with what you have in common. Denisonians are a great bunch of individuals doing a variety of things around the world, and we love meeting one another. Thankfully, LinkedIn is here to help facilitate some of those meetings.

Find Denison alumni (or alumni of any college) by going here. You can get there by hovering over “My Network” at the top of LinkedIn, and clicking “Find Alumni.” This is a great resource that allows users to sort by location, occupation, company, college major, and more.

So, you found someone with whom you’d like to connect… 

Hold up, don’t hit that send button yet! If you’re a second-degree connection or in the same Network (Denison), LinkedIn will allow you to send a generic invitation that says, “I’d like to add you to my Professional Network on LinkedIn.”

Instead, personalize your invitation as to why you would like to connect with that person. Do you share an interest? Have they published something you admire? Let them know, and sign your name.

Disclaimer: don’t send invitations from the LinkedIn app unless it is someone you know well—you’re not able to personalize your message.

Ask for an Introduction

Still not sure you want to send a cold-invite to a stranger? For individuals with whom you share a connection, you can ask for an introduction.

While this feature seems to be changing every time LinkedIn does an update, there are a few ways to go about asking for an introduction.

  1. Go to the profile of the person with whom you’d like to connect.
  2. Hover over one of your shared connections and click “Ask [connection] about [desired connection]”

Alternatively, send your mutual connection an email or InMail explaining why you’d like to be introduced. It’s as simple as that!

I’ve Initiated Contact, Now What?

Don’t let that connection just sit there, do something with it!

Informational interviews

If your new connection is local, ask them if they’d be interested in grabbing coffee and talking about their job and their career path. If they’re not local—ask if you can schedule a phone call.

Externship/Job Shadow

If you’re able over break, or on a day you don’t have classes—ask connections in your desired field if you can shadow them, or someone else at their company for a day, or afternoon. You may realize the job wasn’t exactly what you thought, or that it’s even better!

ALWAYS, send a thank-you note.

Whether you grab coffee, talk on the phone, shadow, or even land an internship or job interview after your initial contact with a new connection, be sure to send a note of thanks. They’ll appreciate the gesture, and remember you as thoughtful and thorough.

A quick reminder: never send someone you don’t know well an email asking for a job or internship. Your goal is to create a relationship, not solicit them for an opportunity.

LinkedIn 101

LinkedIn Student Profile

What is Linkedin?

LinkedIn™ is your living, digital resume and “The world’s largest professional network,” boasting 300 million members worldwide. The purpose of the site is to foster professional connections—you can find people, jobs, ideas, and news to improve your professional life.

Profile Basics: What do I need?

Here’s what LinkedIn™ Suggests College Students include on their LinkedIn Profile:

◻ The Photo: a professional headshot; just you, no cropping others out, no drink in your hand.

◻ The Headline: Your interests, the job or internship you’re seeking, your passion (in 120 characters or less).

◻ Summary: Tell the world what you do well, what you’re passionate about, and your future direction.

◻ Experience: This is the resume part; list your job experience ranging from part-time, to internship, to summer and full-time work. Describe your responsibilities and accomplishments using action words as you would on a resume.

◻ Organizations: List your membership or involvement with student organizations, honor societies, Greek life, and professional associations.

◻ Education: Beginning with college, list your educational experiences, including any summer and off-campus experiences. Be sure to include your major or program and date ranges.

◻ Volunteer Experience & Causes: Have you participated in service on campus through the Denison Community Association or your Greek chapter? How about during the summer? Let the world know the causes you care about.

◻ Skills & Expertise: List the things you do well, both soft and hard/technical skills. Be sure to include any specialized software applicable to your field (ex: SPSS, STATA, JMP).

◻ Honors & Awards: University-wide, departmental, national, your merit scholarship, anything; here’s the place to brag.

◻ Courses: List some courses that demonstrate your interests and skills that are applicable to what you want to do in the future.

◻ Projects: talk about projects you did for class, a student group, internship, or for fun—describe the project and process.

But, do I really need a LinkedIn™?

LinkedIn™ is a great way to keep track of the things you do related to life after college. The longer you have a profile, and the more you build it out, the easier it will be for individuals to find you, and hire you. LinkedIn™ reports that individuals with a complete profile are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn!  Even if you’re not looking for a job or internship yet, make a profile to connect with classmates and professionals you meet. Future you will thank you!

Check out LinkedIn’s Student page for more information, or stop by the Center for Career Exploration.

Stay tuned for posts on how to best utilize LinkedIn™ and information on advanced features!

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