Summer Internship Series: Large Art, Small Shed

Evelyn Kendix ’19

Curatorial Intern, the Shed, Columbus, Ohio

Evelyn kendix '19 painting a shed greenMy name is Evelyn Kendix. I am junior Studio Art major, with a minor in Art History. I worked at the Shed as a curatorial intern, helping artists, assisting the head of the gallery, and doing general artistic duties. Additionally, I got to explore Columbus’s vast and fast changing art scene. I was able to stretch my abilities during this internship. Form woodwork to social media, I learned lots! I was able to expand my network of art connections through Blake Turner’s vast network of OSU artists and graduate students. I was able to connect with Ann Hamilton, a long term inspiration of mine, along with other artists who fascinated me. I worked on multiple exhibitions, including working with textiles, paint, printmaking, and videography. Each day was different at the Shed. Sometimes it was manual labour of construction, sometimes it was more conceptual research. I learned how to better talk about my personal artwork, through listening to others discuss their work. This was a big goal for me, so it was very satisfying to be able to achieve this. I would like to acknowledge Blake Turner in this blog post. He was my boss, but beyond that, a mentor. I feel comfortable saying that he was more than authority figure, I would consider him an influence in my artwork and my general practices. Additionally, thank you to the Denison Studio Art Program, Art History program, and the Knowlton Center for assisting me in connecting with Blake.

Summer Internship Series: Columbus Museum of Art

Jiaxin Liu ’18

Summer Art Workshop Intern, Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio

My name is Jiaxin Liu. I now am a senior in Studio Art major, Economics minor. During the past summer, I did my internship in Columbus Museum of Art in Columbus, Ohio. During the two and half months’ internship, I worked as a Summer Art Workshop intern. Except helping with all the summer art workshops, I also helped with several programs in the museum such as Artful Adventures and Museum on the Move.

I expected to explore more about the positions in the museums and galleries and know what do those staffs typically do. I also wanted to gain more experience working in the art field. I am very happy that achieved what I expected during the past summer. For this internship, I gained more knowledge about the museum such as “how many departments art museums often have” and “what kind of program a visitor can participate in the museum”. I also got a lot of inspiration on art making surrounded by great artworks. Because of helping with art workshops in different theme, I learned many new art making skills that I haven’t learn in class. One of the greatest thing during this internship is I learned to work with diverse groups and individuals. It made me feel more confident working with others. I learned a lot; explored a lot; and gained a lot during this summer internship. I really appreciate that Knowlton Center helped me on getting this internship. I also feel thankful that Denison generously support me with the stipend to achieve my goal.

Summer Internship Series: The Summer of Adaptability

Thomas Stephenson ’18

Marketing Intern, ContentVia and Health Admin Solutions, Columbus, Ohio

My name is Thomas Stephenson, and I’m a senior Communications major and History minor here at Denison University.  This summer, I was given the opportunity to be a marketing intern at two different companies. One was a company called ContentVia and the other Health Admin Solutions. I’m sure to my audience those sound like two incredibly different places to work, but one of the major things I learned this summer is skills in marketing can apply to almost any business.

However while I did work as a marketing intern for both these companies, my roles at each were somewhat different. ContentVia works with various startup companies to try and promote them as much as possible and set them on the right track. So one of my jobs was to draft various social media posts for these startup. These included Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. I also did a lot of research around the internet for new clients who could use our service, and even sent out a few outreach emails and made a few calls to try and spread awareness to them.

For Health Admin Solutions, my job was almost entirely focused on their social media platforms. They had a Facebook and Twitter page, but had not done much work in promoting them or even posting on them. I took over and immediately started to work on drawing attention and reaching out to clients on both platforms.

I felt great about what I was able to accomplish for both these organizations, as well as myself. The outreach I worked on through social media and contact with clients opened up new doors for both companies, and I’m proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and learning some new skills along the way. I also feel as if this summer gave me an idea of what I’d like to pursue after college, which was my main goal at the start of June. I wanted to narrow down my interests and find a place within the marketing field that I enjoyed working in, and I believe social media could be one of those. I also realized through my research that advertising is a job I’d love to pursue in the future, and I’m excited to see what opportunities are out there for me after graduation!

Overall, interning with these two companies was a fantastic experience that has not only boosted my résumé, but my skills in marketing and confidence with professional work. I’m looking forward to the next challenge that’s sent my way!

Summer Internship Series: Making a Difference Through Medicine

Kira Sawyers ’18

Medical Intern, Columbus, Ohio

My name is Kira Sawyers, I am a senior and a Biology major with a Violin Performance Music minor.  This summer I had the opportunity to intern with two Denison alumnae as a medical intern in Columbus, Ohio.

Dr. Anne Taylor is an alumna of Denison University and runs her own medical office as a plastic surgeon, called Aesthetica Surgery and Spa. The primary focus of Aestethica is to empower patients to feel comfortable in their own body. Dr. Biggs is also an alumna of Denison University and works as a hospitalist at Doctors Hospital and OhioHealth. Dr. Biggs focuses on extremely sick patients who have been admitted to the hospital. Both Dr. Biggs and Dr. Taylor provided an inside look into the career of medicine.

During the internship, I was able to watch live surgeries, interact with patients and work on medical cases. My role was to observe Dr. Biggs and Dr. Taylor and choose a specific medical case of interest to further research. This was a challenging task as many of the cases were fascinating and I had to interact and work directly with the medical residents. It was intimidating to work with them, but it allowed me to experience the different stages of the medical profession. Overall, my internship allowed me more fully understand the demands and needs of medicine and gave me valuable hands on experience that I will use in the future.

Dr. Biggs and Dr. Taylor were great mentors. Both Dr. Taylor and Dr. Biggs were extremely helpful in explain how to apply to medical schools, and how to prepare for the MCAT.They also taught me relevant medical terminology and procedures as they interacted with patients.

At the end of the internship, I had the opportunity to write a case report on a case of my choice. I chose a case involving the effects of intravenous drug use in the development of bacterial endocarditis. This case was complex and required analysis and research. Despite the difficulty, I was able to learn valuable knowledge on the effects of drugs on the body. I also gained valuable experience in having to follow strict medical guidelines for a case report, which will be a necessary skill for medical school.

My summer with Dr. Biggs and Dr. Taylor has helped me solidify my professional goals and has given me insight into a career in plastic surgery and internal medicine. I am certain that a career in medicine will allow me to help those in need and to give back to the community.

I would like to thank Dr. Taylor and her medical staff, and Dr. Biggs and OhioHealth for a wonderful internship experience.

Summer Internship Series: A Good O.R. Playlist Goes a Long Way in a 6 Hour Surgery

Kristen Brennan ’18

Aesthetica, Doctors Hospital, Columbus, Ohio

Hello Everyone! My name is Kristen Brennan and I am a senior Biology major on the hill! This summer, I had the incredible opportunity to shadow two Denison alumni, Drs. Anne Taylor and Ariel Biggs in the Columbus, OH area. Dr. Taylor works independently in her own plastic surgery practice, Aesthetica, and Dr. Biggs is a hospitalist at Doctors Hospital in Columbus. I spent a month working with these two incredible physicians; watching them operate, tend to patients, operate administratively, and in their home lives as well.

I have shadowed physicians for a few years now but this internship was different. When you have doctors generous enough to let you live in their homes throughout the duration of the internship, they are being generous enough to let you into the side of being a doctor that most people do not think about. Being able to witness Dr. Taylor’s roles as a mother and a physician inspired me and motivated me to follow my dreams more than ever before. On a typical day, I would wake up around 5:15 so that I could get to Doctor’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio by 6:30 to round with the residents and see patients with Dr. Biggs. After spending the mornings with Dr. Biggs we would then go to shadow Dr. Taylor at her office for the rest of the day either in consultations or watching minor in office operations. About two times a week we had the opportunity to watch Dr. Taylor operate at the surgical center. Being exposed to surgery this close and watching how the entire O.R. team operates was extremely beneficial in gauging my comfortability and interests for potential future directions I would like to pursue in the field of medicine. I am more confident than ever that this career path is the one for me and that I will continue to work as hard as I can to put myself in a position to help people on the level that Dr. Biggs and Dr. Taylor do every day. I learned that there is no set rules to follow regarding how to go about speaking and working with patients but that in a state of being their healthcare provider it is your obligation to treat everyone to the best of your ability and to always do it with respect, compassion, and genuine intentions.

I am fortunate to call these two amazing women my mentors and I hope that I will be able to continue on one day as yet another Denison woman working in the field of medicine.

Summer Internship Series: My Summer in Civil Rights

Maddy Bellman ’18
My summer in civil rights - 2000px-seal_of_the_ohio_civil_rights_commission.svg_-150x150.png image #0Public Affairs and Civic Engagement Intern, Ohio Civil Rights Commission, Columbus, Ohio

My name is Maddy Bellman, and I’m currently a senior English major! Thanks to the Knowlton Center and Denison alumna Mary Turocy, I spent my summer in Columbus, Ohio, working with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC) as the Public Affairs and Civic Engagement (PACE) intern.

As a PACE intern, my day-to-day changed quite a bit. I balanced working on my own projects, attending Commission meetings, and shadowing employees in intake, mediation, and follow-up conferences with charging parties. I also saw House of Representatives sessions, Senate subcommittee meetings, and contacted legislators to discuss their sponsored bills.

It was a new experience for me to work in an office for almost forty hours a week, and it certainly took some adjusting to. I had my own office, my own phone, and a normal lunch hour. The work was always changing, but I wished the office was busier and the work more urgent. Working for any part of the government often means slow yet purposeful progress, so while I appreciated the necessary steps we had to take when doing our work, I hope my post-graduate job will involve more exigent projects.

Sitting in on mediations between a charging party and a respondent opened my eyes to a possible career path after graduation. Sonya, an OCRC mediator, and I helped with a number of successful mediation between two parties, and our most notable mediation settled for almost fifty-thousand dollars.

It was great working with Sonya because she was always calm, impartial, and did everything she could to ensure a successful settlement. It takes a special type of person to be a mediator, and one of my coworkers said I’m well-suited for the position.

My largest project this summer was the standardization of 53 documents for the five regional OCRC offices. I worked with our Chief Legal Counsel on this project to make sure every document had the proper letterhead, grammar, and formatting, and the purpose of this process is to protect our office from potential legal issues down the road.

I noticed and corrected a number of inconsistencies in the documents I worked on, and my project supervisors appreciated this. This was a difficult and tedious project, but my project supervisor made it all worth it when she said I did “two years of work in two days”!

Thank you to the Knowlton Center and generous alumni who made this internship possible through financial aid and pre-internship preparation. I can’t thank Mary Turocy ’05 enough for sponsoring me as an intern this summer. I learned valuable lessons of compassion and selflessness from the dedicated, caring people I worked with, and I appreciated all of my time with them.