Summer Internship Series: My #Paid Summer

Emily Walsh ’19

Influencer Marketing, #paid, New York City

My name is Emily Walsh, I am a Communications Major with a concentration in Organizational Studies. This summer I had the opportunity to work for an influencer marketing company, #paid.

#paid is an influencer marketing company that is based in Toronto, Canada. Recently, they have expanded their offices to New York City.

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Summer Internship Series: My Summer at a Literary Journal

Samantha Toshok ’18

Editorial Intern, Virginia Quarterly Review, Charlottesville, Virginia

My name is Samantha Toshok and I am currently a senior at Denison University pursuing a Major in Psychology and a Concentration in Narrative Non-Fiction Writing.  This summer, I worked at the Virginia Quarterly Review, a national literary journal located in Charlottesville, Virginia.  There, I worked as an editorial intern, and assisted with the production of the magazine, proofread and edited both solicited and unsolicited manuscript submissions, marketed the publication on social media platforms, and helped run the 2017 VQR Writer’s Conference. 

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Summer Internship Series: Finding My Career Path

Ashmita Das ’18

Digital Marketing, Xebec E-Media Technologies, Pune, India

This summer I spent two months in Pune, India in an internship that set me on my career path. I’m Ashmita Das, a senior double majoring in Communication and English Literature. Like any other college student, I wasn’t absolutely sure of what I wanted to do after graduation, till I spent the summer working at a digital marketing firm called Xebec E-Media Technologies.

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Summer Internship Series: The Summer of Adaptability

Thomas Stephenson ’18

Marketing Intern, ContentVia and Health Admin Solutions, Columbus, Ohio

My name is Thomas Stephenson, and I’m a senior Communications major and History minor here at Denison University.  This summer, I was given the opportunity to be a marketing intern at two different companies. One was a company called ContentVia and the other Health Admin Solutions.

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Summer Internship Series: “Let her in, she’s a member of the press!”

Fitale Wari ’18

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My name is Fitale Wari. I’m a senior Communication and English Literature double major with a concentration in Narrative Nonfiction Writing. I interned at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette this past summer, and although I was technically an intern in the features department, I was addressed as a reporter in the newsroom.

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Summer Internship Series: My Summer at a Historic Mansion

Michaela Shea-Gander ’19

Bryn Du Mansion, Granville, Ohio

My name is Michaela Shea-Gander, a junior Communication major with a concentration in Narrative Non-Fiction Writing. This summer, I lived on Denison’s campus while completing an internship at the Bryn Du Mansion.

Bryn Du is a historic mansion about a mile away from campus, where various events take place every week, such as weddings and polo games.

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Summer Internship Series: Business in the Bay-Area

Khalig Howard ’19

Magnolia Prime, San Francisco, California

Khalig howard '19 tabling for magnolia prime

My name is Khalig Howard, and I am 3rd year student at Denison University. At Denison, I am a Global Commerce Major, a German Minor, a member of the Black Student Union, a player on the Varsity Lacrosse team, and a volunteer with the local Big Brothers & Big Sisters Lunch Buddies program.

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Summer Internship Series: My First Step Into the Real World

Eizo Lang-Ezekiel ’19

University of Toulouse, Toulouse, France

My name is Eizo Lang-Ezekiel, I am a junior and Political Science major with a Spanish minor. This blog post addresses my experience interning with the University of Toulouse in France this past summer. While the title translated to “Intern to help build international partnerships”, I was actually more of a floater in the team I worked in.

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Summer Internship Series: A Summer in the Art World

Adriana Kidon ’19
Editorial Intern and Personal Assistant, Musee Magazine, New York, New YorkMusee magazine: vanguard of photography culture

My name is Adriana Kidon and I’m currently a junior student here at Denison studying PPE. This past summer, I had the awesome opportunity of interning at Musee Magazine in New York City. Musee is a photography-based, digital quarterly magazine and website that features works by emerging and established artists.

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Summer Internship Series: Margie’s Girls

Josie Olschansky ’18
Social Media and PR Intern, Margie Korshak Inc., Chicago, IllinoisMargie korshak inc. logo

My name is Josie Olschansky and I am a senior creative writing major. This summer I interned at a PR firm called Margie Korshak Inc. located in Chicago, Illinois. Margie Korshak is a boutique PR agency that has been around for over 50 years.

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