Summer Internship Series: A Summer of Justice

Imaa Nicco-Annan ’18

Africa Division of Human Rights Watch, Washington, D.C.

My name is Imaa Nicco-Annan and I am a senior at Denison University majoring in International Studies with a concentration on human rights and women empowerment, and a minor in French. This summer I had the privilege of working in the Africa Division of Human Rights Watch (HRW) in Washington, DC.

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Summer Internship Series: A Prideful Summer

Justine Morelli ’18

Intern, MassEquality, Boston, Massachusetts

This past summer I had the opportunity to intern at MassEquality in Boston, Massachusetts for four months. Thanks to the McMahon Fund, I was able to commute by train for an hour each way into the city, four days a week, all summer long, to work at this organization.

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Summer Internship Series: Social Justice Outership!

Elizabeth Corronel ’18

Racial Justice Intern, Peace & Justice Center, Burlington, Vermont

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Corronel, and I am a current senior at Denison University. My major is Sociology and Anthropology, along with a Women and Gender minor. I am also a proud Chicago native and identify as a Mexican-American, first generation student.

As a result of learning about social relations, issues, conflicts, and theoretical discourses throughout my time at Denison, my passion for social justice only grew.

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Summer Internship Series: My Human Rights Summer

Ivanna Salgado ’18

Immigration Organizer Intern, Chicago Religious Leadership Network, Chicago, Illinois   

My name is Ivanna Salgado and I am currently a senior at Denison University. I am double majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies and English Literature. This past summer, I interned with the Chicago Religious Leadership Network as an immigration organizer.

When I first received the McMahon recognition, I mentioned that I was involved with the Denison community through the activism in campus and outside of campus.

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