Instagrams of Faith At Denison

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By Mark Orten, Director of Religious & Spiritual Life

I asked a diverse group of thoughtful students “How do you practice your faith at Denison?”

Speaking from different perspectives about matters of faith and the practice of it, they offered some really creative “snapshots” of their take on the practice of faith at Denison:

“At Denison, even when you are walking across the campus you just look up at the sky, and all of the beauty of this place… just noticing it; that’s practicing.”

“College is busy, and so people say, ‘I don’t have time for formal practices.’ But you always have time to do something that is part of your faith —even if small. Even if you’re not doing something, that is a choice.”

“Yeah, I get ten instagrams a week from some of my friends. They took time to stop and take a photo! There’s time.”

“Why is it that “prioritizing” is something we understand as an educated community—we talk about it all of the time—but then when it comes to something important like this we don’t do it?”

“Finding a buddy for accountability is helpful.”

“You can’t let others keep you from doing what is important to you.”

“Sometimes it’s just certain rituals: like sitting with friends over coffee every day in Slayter and people-watching. There’s comfort in that. It’s just not the same when certain ones aren’t there. So it’s nice when you just know certain things are going to happen, and you can count on it.’

“Reflection is a way to practice. It helps with self-improvement and self-cultivation. We can learn what we are lacking through journaling, prayer, meditation–some form of reflection– especially where we are not surrounded only by people only of our own faith, as we were back home.”

“Keeping a booklist of inspirational reading is good practice. And strengthening personal practices such as yoga and meditation or prayer.”

“Sometimes just hugging, listening, smiling and simply saying, ‘So how was your day?’ like I saw two really tired college students do at the end of a day. It was really cute. That’s faith right there.”

So there you have it… from thoughtful students who’ve said it best. In summary, according to these snapshots, we need to notice what’s important to us, and find a way to prioritize it, and then make room for it in our schedules. We do best when we get help from others to support us. It’s good to reflect on it regularly, with intentionality. And, of course, be sure to check in with each other now and then!


Mark R. Orten,宗教中心主任