Well Begun Is Half Done.

By Laurel Kennedy, Vice President for Student Development

A few weeks ago, Dean of Students Bill Fox wrote a post for The Commons about the value of setting goals for the academic year and then thinking and talking with advisors and mentors about strategies for achieving those goals.

This week, the “Tuesday Questions”[*] posed a question that we adapted from the research referenced in that post: “Thinking ahead to next April or May, when you look back on this year, what do you hope you’ll be able to say you accomplished? 

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How Will You Do It?

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By Bill Fox, Dean of Students
Our college’s Learning Guide states, “Your Denison education will help you achieve a lifetime of personal and professional success.”  So true.  Then it goes on to say, “…there’s no single way of getting there.”  True again—and the essence of what makes a Denison education great. This is the moment, as the year begins, to pause and consider how we will each go about setting goals and achieving success in the year ahead.  How will you do it?  This is truly an important question and it’s fun to know that where you start will not be where you end.

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