Workshop: “Seeing Through Your Text with Voyant: Low Barrier Text Analysis in the Classroom”

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On Saturday, December 4, the Ohio Five CODEX team hosted a workshop titled “Seeing Through Your Text with Voyant: Low Barrier Text Analysis in the Classroom.” As one of the main presenters, I can tell you without any bias that this was the best workshop that has ever been done in the Ohio 5.

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Press Pause

Last week I came down with something and spent 15 hours asleep in one day. It was my body’s way of saying it’s time to take a break, it’s time to get away from all the screens, it’s time to pause. During my time in bed, I had the rare opportunity to watch a squirrel build its nest, which I later discovered is called a drey, in the massive oak tree just outside my bedroom window.

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Scheduling Advising Appointments

Leaves are falling, the air is crisp, and, once again, it is time for Denison students to register for spring classes. Along with course registration comes opportunities for students to make advising appointments with faculty members. Gone are the days when you had to email students back and forth 20 times to find a perfect time for an advising session.

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Library Technology Spaces

As we all have been so busy dealing with quarantines, Zoom meetings, virtual classes, hybrid in-person spaces, and all the other struggles that have become normal during the last 18 months of the pandemic, it’s easy to miss the new developments to spaces on campus. Two updates that faculty and students might find especially interesting are the One Button Studio and the brand new Library Viewing Room, both located in Doane Library.

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Interactive Videos for your Classes

Creating interactive videos for your class offers a different learning experience for students, increases student engagement with media content, and provides a way to gauge student comprehension of content through checking in on what they understand. Let’s start with some of the basics…

What are “interactive videos” exactly?

I’m using this phrase broadly to include any type of a lesson or assignment where students watch a video and answer questions, post comments, or engage in the video in some type of way.

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Engage Students and Increase Participation with Meaningful Discussion Boards

Back in classrooms does not mean we have to leave behind the opportunities to create meaningful asynchronous class discussion in Notebowl. This summer, ETS hosted a workshop titled “Engage Students with Meaningful Discussion Boards.” Since only a small number of faculty attended, the workshop turned into a rich discussion on how we use discussion boards with classes, and how we can get students to participate more on them.

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We’ve got an EdTech for that!

Educational Technology Services: it is quite the fancy title, but what exactly do we do? Does ETS fix broken projectors? What can an EdTech help with exactly? Well, hopefully, this post can provide a general breakdown.

The Educational Technology Services (ETS) team is overseen by the Director of ETS, Donnie Sendelbach, and consists of two groups: Media Technology and EdTechs.

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“Reseating” Computer Hardware with New EMT, Kris Leichtenberg

Featured Video: Reseating Classroom Devices

Today I (Kelli) learned a new troubleshooting term: reseat. No, it does not mean to change your seat to a new computer when something does not work. It means to unplug and then plug in a peripheral device when it is not working on the computer. Basically, if you are in the classroom and the camera cuts out, or even the mouse stops working, the first thing to do is to check the USB connection and “reseat” the device.

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