Student Presentations, Pandemic Style

With the semester underway many students have been working on a variety of traditional projects that require several modifications in order to be possible during these strange times. One of those types of traditional projects is the classic student presentation. While it is possible to have students present in a classroom wearing masks, they can also create more visually dynamic presentations using video tools like Meet or Zoom, and students on campus can take advantage of the One Button Studio located in the library. See the resources below for ways you might want to consider re-framing student presentations.

  • Approaching Student Presentations in a Hybrid Environment” – This post from October 2020 details a variety of presentation options you can explore for your classes.
  • Introducing Denison’s One Button Studio” – This video showcases the One Button Studio, which became available to Denison students, faculty, and staff at the end of October 2020. It is not included in the post linked above, so make sure to check this video out for a really interactive way to have your students (or yourself) create presentations.
  • Recording Presentations” (a student resource) – This page is located on the Student EdTech Support site and contains resources for students who are recording presentations for class assignments.

If you need help framing student presentation assignments or projects, please schedule a virtual consultation with a Denison EdTech using this link.