Pump up the Jam(board)

Many Denison faculty members are already using tools like Google Docs or Google Slides as ways to collaborate with students during remote or hybrid classes, and some, like Lew Ludwig, might already be Jammin’ out with Google Jamboards (see Lew’s video here). In this post, we are going to go over some reasons you might want to consider using Jamboards with your classes and also supply some resources to get you started.

ETS highly recommends that anyone interested in using Jamboards in classes take a look at this resource: Video series: Easy, sticky, engaging learning with Google Jamboard by Matt Miller at Ditch that Textbook. Matt is in the process of creating a 4 part video series about Jamboard, and some of those videos are referenced below.

Why Jamboard?

How do I use Jamboard in my classes?


Are you interested in Jamboard, but need some help figuring out how to transfer some of your activities to a digital setting? Schedule a consultation session with a member of the ETS team here or reach out to your Instructional Technologist. So far we have heard great feedback from those using Jamboards, and we hope you like jammin’, too.

Above is an example of how you can add visuals, draw, and insert text in a Jamboard.