We’ve got an EdTech for that!

Educational Technology Services: it is quite the fancy title, but what exactly do we do? Does ETS fix broken projectors? What can an EdTech help with exactly? Well, hopefully, this post can provide a general breakdown.

The Educational Technology Services (ETS) team is overseen by the Director of ETS, Donnie Sendelbach, and consists of two groups: Media Technology and EdTechs.

Media Technology Services (MTS because tech peeps LOVE acronyms) is lead by Joseph Leija, and it also includes our newest team member, Kris Leichtenberg (meet Kris here). They handle the media hardware in the classrooms like projectors, document cams, Extron controllers, microphones, cameras, VIAs, and speakers. They have been the driving force keeping hybrid equipment working in classrooms during the past year.

The EdTechs are Cheryl, Donnie, Trent, and Kelli, and you may also see us referred to as Instructional Technologists, which are some of our official job titles. EdTechs focus on student and faculty support with academic projects, research, and course assignments involving technology and digital applications. To explain this a little better, below is a list of some work the Denison EdTechs have done in recent semesters.

  • Supported two different faculty research projects on transcribing and digitizing manuscripts.
  • Taught students how to create digital maps for a history course.
  • Helped design and support all three years of the Narrative Journalism Podcast-a-thon event.
  • Taught students in classes from departments across the university how to make audio stories and podcasts.
  • Collaborated with faculty members in redesigning assignments to include digital resources and applications.
  • Taught students how to use virtual reality to create and interact in different spaces and places for a sociology project.
  • Taught students how to use various multimedia tools, including video and photo editing, digital illustration, and website design for interactive storytelling in multiple courses.

EdTechs are assigned as department liaisons to provide support, but we often will move projects or collaborate with each other on them depending on who is the expert in the technology being used for the project. Below are some of our areas of expertise.

  • Cheryl: language applications, text markup, website design and creation, blogging, YouTube, video production, Google Suite…let’s face it, Cheryl can really do it all.
  • Trent: virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), mapping, design and illustration, multimedia editing, other really hard complicated technology things.
  • Kelli: multimedia projects, including audio, video, and photo editing, text markup, website design, digital storytelling, blogging, and Kelli is good at coming up with complicated tech ideas and then asking Trent to help figure it out.
  • Donnie: mapping, digital humanities, multimedia projects, and director-type work. Donnie attends a lot of meetings, and she’s the Boss.

A few more great things to know about the ETS team at Denison:

  1. We always help each other out. Did you see Cheryl helping with the VIAs? Or Joseph and Kelli reviewing room upgrades for a department? What about Donnie and Trent supporting that class project? While we each have our own specialities, we overlap in some ways and spend a lot of time working together to find solutions.
  2. We each bring our own set of expertise to the table, which helps with creative problem-solving and developing new ideas.
  3. We are not afraid to ask for help or to learn something new if we do not have an immediate solution. So, faculty members, bring us your new and wonderfully creative ideas for digital projects and see what we can do to help!
  4. We have excellent student employees who we rely on for help and support with various academic projects.
  5. We like unicorns. Mostly because they are magical, but also because they rock and so does EdTech. 

Need help from an EdTech or want to discuss a cool digital project for a class? Email us at ets@denison.edu or reach out to your department EdTech, which you can find on this list here.