Library Technology Spaces

As we all have been so busy dealing with quarantines, Zoom meetings, virtual classes, hybrid in-person spaces, and all the other struggles that have become normal during the last 18 months of the pandemic, it’s easy to miss the new developments to spaces on campus. Two updates that faculty and students might find especially interesting are the One Button Studio and the brand new Library Viewing Room, both located in Doane Library.

Screen of the monitor in One Button Studio

The recording station in the One Button Studio.

One Button Studio


In October 2020, Denison Libraries and Information Technology Services announced the opening of the One Button Studio, an easy-to-use video recording studio, on level 2 of the library, room 204, near the south stairwell. Students, faculty and staff can reserve time in the studio to record lectures or podcasts, practice public speaking, and generally record video presentations. Using the equipment is as simple as hitting the red button to start your recording and hitting the red button again to end it.

To use the space, you simply need to bring a USB stick with you for your recording. You can make a reservation online by searching the CONSORT Catalog (​) for the title “One button studio,” then clicking “Book this Material” and entering your name and D number (including the D). Pick up the key at the Circulation Desk at the library’s main entrance. To see the current availability, click on “View Hourly Calendar” on the booking page.

Learn more about the One Button Studio on the Learning Spaces Website or watch this short demo video on how to use the space.

Class Use Case of One Button Studio

A faculty member in Modern Languages recently used the One-Button Studio with a 200 level language class. Instead of setting up a camcorder in the classroom to record presentations, the class went to the One Button Studio and recorded themselves debating a topic. The One Button Studio provides an easy and accessible space for students to do these typical classroom presentations and make them more interactive for viewing.

After having your students record their interactive presentions in the One Button Studio, why not take the class over to the Library Viewing Room for a class viewing of their hard work? 

Library Viewing Room

The new Library Viewing Room.

Library Viewing Room


Located in A25 of the Library, the Viewing Room is a great space for faculty to bring their classes to view a film, video, or presentation together. Faculty from departments all around campus still find great pedagogical value in asking students to view films together, and the Library Viewing Room is there to facilitate those group learning goals. 

Learn more about the new Library Viewing Room on the Learning Spaces Website.

Class Use Case for Library Viewing Room