Scheduling Advising Appointments

Leaves are falling, the air is crisp, and, once again, it is time for Denison students to register for spring classes. Along with course registration comes opportunities for students to make advising appointments with faculty members. Gone are the days when you had to email students back and forth 20 times to find a perfect time for an advising session. With Google calendar appointments, you can setup appointment slots that students can browse and signup for without a slew of scheduling emails to you. You may be thinking, ‘but I’m doing these in person, why would I want to use Google calendar?’ That’s a fair question, but Google calendar appointments are not just for virtual appointments. You can set the date, time, and location right in the appointment slots, so students know they should come to your office at their appointment time.


What are Google Calendar Appointments?

When you click on your Google Calendar to create an event, you will see the option for “Appointment Slots” along the top of the event details window. You can choose some details here, but I suggest opening the “More Options” to setup the appointment slot details even more. You can customize the length of your appointment slots time block along with the duration of each appointment. When students sign up for appointments, you will get notifications, and you will also see the students’ names appear in the appointment slot on your calendar.

View of the Google Appointment Slots event selecter

Creating Google Calendar Appointment Slots

How do I setup my Google Calendar Appointments?

ETS has this video all about creating office hour appointments using Google Calendar. Check that out for the complete setup. If you prefer a written resources rather than a video, read this Google Calendar Appointment Slots Quick Reference Guide. It has step-by-step instructions for setting up Google Calendar Appointments.

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If you are stuck and need more help, reach out to the Denison ITS Service Desk at or by starting a ticket in the TopDesk Self Service portal.