Connecting to a Classroom VIA Display Device

VIA devices offer you another tool for your active classroom pedagogy. You and your students can easily present and collaborate wirelessly from any laptop, tablet or cell phone anywhere in the room. Think classroom time saver and greater flexibility – no need to have students login to the podium computer browser or connect their laptop to the instructor podium to display the latest version of their writing, problem solving, presentation or interesting resource.

Most of our classrooms have a VIA device installed. For a complete list see this VIA List.

Key Features:

  • Allows users to display documents, video and audio wirelessly from any internet-enabled device.
  • Advanced options to display specific browser tabs to full screens.
  • Mac users can easily connect through AirPlay
  • Installers available for all platforms (e.g., macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, browser extensions, etc.)
  • Can share up to two screens at a time for cross-collaboration and screen sharing within a group of users.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure your wireless network is set to Eduroam and NOT Denison-Guest

How to for Mac Users:

After confirming that you are connected to the Eduroam wireless network, we recommend that you select the “Show mirroring options in the menubar when available” in your System Preferences. This will make it super easy to select a room’s VIA device. See step-by-step instructions in the video linked below.

How to AirPlay Video (1 min 13 secs)

How to for Windows Users:

    1. On the room’s Extron control panel, select VIA so that the VIA splash screen is displayed on the projection screen.
    2. Download the VIA application by typing the IP address that is displayed on the screen into the browser’s address bar and follow the on-screen installation instructions for set up. (You may use any browser – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge)
    3. After installing the app, enter the Room Name (IP Address for the VIA displayed on the projector in the lower left), your presenter nickname, and the Code (unique 4-digit code displayed on projector every time).

Options for Other Devices:

Chromebook Extension

Android App – Go to the Play Store on your phone and search for Kramer VIA app

iPhone App – Go to the App Store on your phone and search for Kramer VIA app

For additional information about VIA, go to the MyDenison VIA page