“Reseating” Computer Hardware with New EMT, Kris Leichtenberg

Featured Video: Reseating Classroom Devices

Today I (Kelli) learned a new troubleshooting term: reseat. No, it does not mean to change your seat to a new computer when something does not work. It means to unplug and then plug in a peripheral device when it is not working on the computer. Basically, if you are in the classroom and the camera cuts out, or even the mouse stops working, the first thing to do is to check the USB connection and “reseat” the device.

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Pump up the Jam(board)

Many Denison faculty members are already using tools like Google Docs or Google Slides as ways to collaborate with students during remote or hybrid classes, and some, like Lew Ludwig, might already be Jammin’ out with Google Jamboards (see Lew’s video here). In this post, we are going to go over some reasons you might want to consider using Jamboards with your classes and also supply some resources to get you started.

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Avoid loose “springs” in classrooms this semester

Accompanying video: EdTech Tip: Back in the ClassroomsFollow along with Cheryl and Dan as they explore some of the new (and not-so-new) technology in campus classrooms.

Welcome back to all Denison faculty members!

With the spring semester just two weeks away, it is time to get into classrooms and check out the technology, space, and the dreaded COVID changes.

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Tech Recommendations for Remote Exams

Finals week is quickly approaching, and, like everything else in 2020, it looks a little different this year. Since Denison students will be participating in exams after they have left campus, Educational Technology Services has technology-related recommendations for final exams. While we understand that many Denison faculty members already have a tentative plan for how they will approach finals, we urge everyone to read these recommendations below as there are specific reasons included for why we do or do not recommend various options.

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Digital Tools for Civil Discourse in the Classroom

by Kelli Van Wasshenova

Originally posted Oct. 23, 2020

Featured Video: EdTech Tip – Poll Everywhere

Election day is just over a week away. Many Denison faculty members have been having discussions with students about the current social and political climate in this country and many more will be doing so in the coming weeks. Below are some suggestions for how to use available digital tools in class discussions.

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EdTech Tips to Improve the Remote Student Experience

by Kelli Van Wasshenova

Originally posted Oct. 16, 2020

Complete video playlist: EdTech Tips to Improve the Remote Student Experience

Overview: EdTech Tip Series Based on the Remote Student Technology Survey

VIDEO: Overview of the EdTech Tips to Improve the Remote Student Experience

This week we are addressing the results of the Remote Student Technology survey where our remote students gave feedback on their experiences in the virtual classroom.

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Approaching Student Presentations in a Hybrid Environment

by Kelli Van Wasshenova

Originally posted Oct. 2, 2020 on “Updates” page for Fall Hybrid 2020 site

Featured VIDEO: EdTech Tip: Virtual Student Presentation Assignments

As we all adapt to find new ways to teach and learn this semester, video calls have become a driving force for connecting with our students and each other. In a regular semester, the second half of classes often involve projects like presentations, something that this hybrid semester poses some challenges to facilitating.

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