Library Technology Spaces

As we all have been so busy dealing with quarantines, Zoom meetings, virtual classes, hybrid in-person spaces, and all the other struggles that have become normal during the last 18 months of the pandemic, it’s easy to miss the new developments to spaces on campus. Two updates that faculty and students might find especially interesting are the One Button Studio and the brand new Library Viewing Room, both located in Doane Library.

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Interactive Videos for your Classes

Creating interactive videos for your class offers a different learning experience for students, increases student engagement with media content, and provides a way to gauge student comprehension of content through checking in on what they understand. Let’s start with some of the basics…

What are “interactive videos” exactly?

I’m using this phrase broadly to include any type of a lesson or assignment where students watch a video and answer questions, post comments, or engage in the video in some type of way.

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Engage Students and Increase Participation with Meaningful Discussion Boards

Back in classrooms does not mean we have to leave behind the opportunities to create meaningful asynchronous class discussion in Notebowl. This summer, ETS hosted a workshop titled “Engage Students with Meaningful Discussion Boards.” Since only a small number of faculty attended, the workshop turned into a rich discussion on how we use discussion boards with classes, and how we can get students to participate more on them.

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Student Presentations, Pandemic Style

With the semester underway many students have been working on a variety of traditional projects that require several modifications in order to be possible during these strange times. One of those types of traditional projects is the classic student presentation. While it is possible to have students present in a classroom wearing masks, they can also create more visually dynamic presentations using video tools like Meet or Zoom, and students on campus can take advantage of the One Button Studio located in the library.

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Notable Notebowl Feature Updates and New Tutorials

New Notebowl Features

The latest update from Notebowl rolled out for Denison on Friday, January 15, 2021. See the list below for all of the new Notebowl features.

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Tech Recommendations for Remote Exams

Finals week is quickly approaching, and, like everything else in 2020, it looks a little different this year. Since Denison students will be participating in exams after they have left campus, Educational Technology Services has technology-related recommendations for final exams. While we understand that many Denison faculty members already have a tentative plan for how they will approach finals, we urge everyone to read these recommendations below as there are specific reasons included for why we do or do not recommend various options.

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Digital Tools for Civil Discourse in the Classroom

by Kelli Van Wasshenova

Originally posted Oct. 23, 2020

Featured Video: EdTech Tip – Poll Everywhere

Election day is just over a week away. Many Denison faculty members have been having discussions with students about the current social and political climate in this country and many more will be doing so in the coming weeks. Below are some suggestions for how to use available digital tools in class discussions.

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EdTech Tips to Improve the Remote Student Experience

by Kelli Van Wasshenova

Originally posted Oct. 16, 2020

Complete video playlist: EdTech Tips to Improve the Remote Student Experience

Overview: EdTech Tip Series Based on the Remote Student Technology Survey

VIDEO: Overview of the EdTech Tips to Improve the Remote Student Experience

This week we are addressing the results of the Remote Student Technology survey where our remote students gave feedback on their experiences in the virtual classroom.

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