MAY 2017

Erin Henshaw, Associate Professor of Psychology, presented three research posters at the Midwestern Psychological Association annual conference in Chicago, IL:  “Student expectations of counseling” with Emily Wall (’17) and Andrea Lourie Assistant Professor of Psychology; “A randomized pilot comparison of two approaches to postpartum depression education” with Vanessa Ramirez (’17) Megan Puritz(’17) and Karen Osborne (’16); and “Information and support needs during the first six weeks postpartum: focus groups with mothers and fathers” with Manuela Jaramillo (’17).

Sandra Mathern-Smith, Professor and Chair of Dance, was an invited panel member and presenter at the UW-Madison 90th Anniversary Celebration of the dance major, created in 1926 by Margaret H’Doubler. An alumna of UW-Madison, where she received her MFA, Professor Mathern-Smith was a panelist for “Dance in Higher Education.” She presented her work, performed by three Denison students (Emily Farrow, ’18, Hayley LeBlanc, ’21, and Bridget Ryan, ’20), NONET, Trio#3 – On Time, in the Alumni Concert V, on Sunday, April 30th.

Anna Balch (’17) and Nausica Marcos Miguel, Assistant Professor of Spanish, presented a paper titled Un análisis del efecto de edad de exposición en el conocimiento léxico de estudiantes universitarios at the 2016-2017 OSU Congress on Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics.

Joe Reczek, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, published a book chapter on “Naphthalenediimide in Modular Columnar Liquid Crystals: Key Component of Donor-Acceptor Columnar Liquid Crystals” in Naphthalenediimide and its Congeners: From Molecules to Materials, edited by Dan Pantos (Royal Society of Chemistry, Bath, UK, 2017).  He also presented his work “Efficient synthesis of highly-substituted anthraquinones” at the 253rd National ACS Meeting in San Francisco, CA.  Students Jarrett Dillenburger (’17), Michelle Hill (’17), Peter Rudd (17’), Andrew Delahunty (’18), and Maddy Stern (’18) each also presented their work with Dr. Reczek and the National ACS meeting.

Jessica Rettig, Associate Professor of Biology, and four senior biology majors attended the 2017 Undergraduate Research Conference at Butler University in Indianapolis on April 7.  Connor O’Neill-Dee (’17) gave an oral presentation on his research with Andy McCall, Associate Professor of Biology, titled, “Phenotypic selection in Linderia benzoin over two years.”  Andrew Baird (’17) presented a research poster based on work with Jessica Rettig titled, “Can a native species replace an exotic species? Evidence from a small Ohio pond.”  Allison Murphy (’17) presented a research poster of her work with Eric Liebl, Professor of Biology, titled, “Nocicption via Class IV da sensory neurons in Drosophila larvae.”  Archit Agarwal (’17) gave a research poster based on his senior research project (mentored by Jessica Rettig) titled, “Student involvement in a small liberal arts college: How does social engagement relate to indicators of stress & success?”

Kimberly Specht, Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry and Claire Barcelo (’17) presented their research, “Expression of a membrane protein mutant in Burkholderia cenocepacia”, and Linnea Wethekam (’17) and Kimberly Specht presented their research, “Investigating B. fungorum antibiotic resistance with transposon mutagenesis” at the 253rd National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Francisco, CA, April 2017.

Jane Dougan