2007-2008 Foresman Funded Activities


Project Coordinator: Joanna Mitchell

Thanks to the Patty Foresman Foundation Fund we subscribed our students in one section of Spanish 213 to InterLangua videoconferencing.

InterLangua provides real-time, one-on-one tutoring conferences via Internet. The sessions are one hour per week over ten weeks. The tutors are trained professionals in Guatemala. Besides oral communication, they use Internet tools to share textual materials and provide visual demonstrations. Their tutorials also include lessons on Guatemalan culture.

For more information you can read this is an article by the president of Interlangua:


We used InterLangua before for our students of Spanish 215. The students overall found the experience very positive and beneficial (usually a 4 or 5 on a 5-point scale). It is a perfect experience for students at the 200 level committed to improve their oral communication skills.

Translation Workshop with Professor Michael Sisson
Project Coordinator: J. Eduardo Jaramillo

On October 17, 2007, the Patty Foresman Foundation Fund sponsored the translation workshop lead by professor Michael Sisson (Ohio University). Professor Sisson has recently published an article about the art of translation and the Colombian poet María Mercedes Carranza. In his presentation to Spanish 220 students, professor Sisson designed exercises to introduce them to the art of translating poetry.

Visit of Writer and Filmmaker Juan Carlos Galeano
Project Coordinator: J. Eduardo Jaramillo

On October 22-24, poet, storyteller, and now filmmaker Juan Carlos Galeano visited Spanish 220. Galeano is a professor at Florida State University. He recently published “Cuentos Amazónicos” (Amazons Short Stories), a series of brief legends students read in class (some of the students performed or recited the stories).

Galeano introduced students to the oral narratives of the Amazon basin. He also gave a presentation, and discussed with the students “The Trees Have a Mother,” a movie he just released about the Sachamama, a massive boa constrictor, the spiritual mother of the Amazon basin.

Gide at the Frontier
Project Coordinator: Christine Armstrong

As the North American Representatives of the André Gide Association, Dr. Jocelyn Van Tuyl from New College of Florida, and Professor Armstrong are organizing the second international conference on Gide in the USA. The first one (“Gide en Floride”) took place at the New College of Florida in January 2001. This time, it will be hosted at Denison University. Tentatively entitled “Gide à la Frontière” (“Gide at the Frontier/Border”), this 3-day conference is scheduled from June 17 until June 19, 2010.

With the Patty Foresman Foundation Fund support, Professor Armstrong will create a platform allowing Gide scholars at various stages in their career (graduate students, university professors, independent scholars) from all over the world to meet and share their research & works. Interdisciplinary in nature, this conference will welcome literary, artistic, historical, pedagogical approaches (and others) to Gide the man, Gide the writer, and to his works.

Moreover, to involve Denison students, Professor Armstrong will offer a course on André Gide in the 2009- 2010 academic year that will prepare them for the conference where they will most likely, as in 2001, perform one of the author’s plays.

The conference organizer will bring 4-5 respected and influential Gide scholars as guest speakers from several continents; offer travel grants to presenting graduate students and young Gide scholars who have monetary constraints; cover participating Denison students’ expenses (transportation to campus, room & board); and provide entertainment for 2 evenings (such as a movie or play based on Gide’s works).

Students Attended a Performance of the Ballet Folklórico de México
Project Coordinators: Dosinda García-Alvite and Joanna Mitchell

The Ballet Folklórico de México, a dance company from Mexico City, performed on September 20th at the Palace Theater in Columbus. Their work is a spectacular exhibit of the “mexicanismo” discourse that prevailed in arts, politics and education in mid-century Mexico when the company was founded and which still has a lot of influence today.

Around 20 students attended the show and discussed it afterwards over coffee and dessert.

Students Attended a Performance of Play


Inspired by Gabriel García Márquez’s Novel Chronicle of a Death Foretold
Project Coordinator: J. Eduardo Jaramillo

12 students in Introduction to Hispanic Literature course attended a play at the Ohio State University, Crónica de una muerte anunciada, based on a novel written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Visit of Writer Luisa Futorowsky
Project Coordinator: Bernardita Llanos

Dr. Marta Sierra from Kenyon College organized the visit of Argentinean writer, Luisa Futorowsky to the Ohio area. Futorowsky is an acclaimed and prolific writer who has contributed to Argentinean and French newspapers. She currently resides in Paris.
The writer visited Denison University on November 9; she gave a talk on her work and visited several Spanish classes.

Colloquium on Chilean Writer Diamela Eltit
Project Coordinator: Bernardita Llanos

Professor Llanos organized a Colloquium on Chilean writer, Diamela Eltit’s literary work. She invited the author who attended sessions with student presenters, faculty and invited scholars.

Diamela Eltit’s writing is considered among the most innovative and political neo-avant-garde in contemporary Latin American letters. Her literature has received critical attention by contemporary theorist postcolonial critic, G. Spivak, and prominent scholars of Latin American literary and cultural studies such as Jean Franco, Francine Masiello, and Sylvia Molloy. Professor Llanos edited and prologued the book, Letras y proclamas: la estética literaria de Diamela Eltit that was published in Chile last year.

Several of Eltit’s novels have been translated into English and other languages increasing her audience and internationalizing her work.

Students Attended The Vienna Boy’s Choir Performance in Columbus
Project Coordinator: Leo Riegert

The Vienna Boys’ Choir performed at the Palace Theater in Columbus, and a number of students of German attended the performance and enjoyed a “

Kaffee und Kuchen

” in German Village afterward.

Performance by the Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático from Murcia (Spain)
Project Coordinator: Susan García

Performances of the Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático have been a regular feature of the Chamizal Siglo de Oro Drama Festival in El Paso, Texas. Their productions of classical Spanish theater have not only been top notch (often better than professional groups) but have also been highly praised for their original approach to classic plays. The group toured the U.S. in March and performed at Denison. Actors participated in a cultural, intellectual, and artistic exchange with Denison students (students of Spanish served as translators). The production they brought was Calderón’s No hay burlas con el amor, which they set in the 1930s. It is an astonishing and delightful production.

This event not only enriched the lives of Denison students, but the department also reached out to local high school Spanish teachers and invited them to bring their classes to see the play. There were several teachers that accepted the invitation and made this play and performance part of their curriculum. We estimate that we hosted 75-85 Denison students and 35 students from area high schools.

For more information visit http://www.jgs.es/esad/

Arts Curator Miguel González Visits Denison University
Project Coordinators: Micaela Vivero and J. Eduardo Jaramillo


Miguel González is an arts professor, arts critic, and curator of “La Tertulia” — as the Modern Museum of Art in Cali, Colombia, is known.

Mr. González visited Denison University February 18 – 25. He presented a collection of videotaped performances of artists denouncing Colombian Violence. We screened and discussed those performances in the evenings.
During his visit, Mr. González visited classes of HNRS courses on Colombia and Performance Art (taught by professors Jaramillo and Vivero). He served as curator in the Arts class. With the help of a translator, he gave a presentation on the video collection.

Students Visited the Indiana Museum of Art
Project Coordinators: Lihua Liu and Xinda Lian

Students from Chinese 212 and Chinese 362 made a field trip to the Indiana Museum of Art on March 22. The main focus of the visit was the museum’s Chinese Department, which boasts one of the finest collections of Chinese art (with 1682 items) in the States. The students also visited the small but self-sufficient “Chinese Street” in the city.

Students Attended the Virginia Commonwealth University’s 14th French Film Festival
Project Coordinator: Christine Armstrong

As in previous years, the Patty Foresman Foundation Fund sponsored the trip of 10 students to the Virginia Commonwealth University’s 14th French Film festival that took place in Richmond from March 28th until March 30th, 2008.

This film festival coined “Cannes away from Cannes” has drawn attention from both sides of the Atlantic, being featured in national newspapers such as The Washington Post, Le Figaro, and L’Humanité.

It is the only one in this country that presents so many French and Francophone movies not yet released in the United States (about 20 each year). Full-length features and shorts are equally represented, providing the public with the opportunity to see a variety of cinematographic works that will not necessarily be distributed in the US.

The second wonderful aspect of this festival is the fact that film directors and main actors come to introduce their movies and to discuss them after each showing.

Students Attended an Asian Culture Club
Project Coordinator: Lihua Liu

Students visited an Asian Culture Club event on Feb. 8th. It was a celebration of Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese Spring Festival, and provided both performances and food of these cultures.

Students Attended the Chicago Latino Film Festival
Project Coordinator: Leslie Marsh

Students attended the Chicago Latino Film Festival last April. A significant portion of the class discussed the representation by and of Latinos in the United States. This film festival was a wonderful opportunity for them.

In addition to attending several screenings, students enjoyed Spanish tapas as well as some good Puerto Rican and Mexican food on the North Side of Chicago.

Students Attended an exhibition on Hiroshima-Nagasaki Atomic Bombing Posters
Project Coordinator: Minggang Li

Wittenberg University hosted an exhibition of Hiroshima-Nagasaki Atomic Bombing Posters. This was an excellent opportunity for the students of Japanese/East Asian 235 class to learn more about World War II in the Asia and Pacific region and its aftermath. Students had had vigorous in-class discussion concerning war, nation, modernity and other concepts in the East Asian context and a trip to this exhibition enhanced their understanding of these issues. On the way back, students stopped in Columbus, checked out a couple of Chinese and Japanese grocery stores and bookstores, and had dinner at Akabeni, an authentic yet reasonably priced Japanese restaurant.

Professor Hasan El-Shamy Lectured about One Thousand and One Nights
Project Coordinator: Sadika Ramahi

Professor Hasan El-Shamy visited Denison University April 14 -15. Hasan El-Shamy is a professor of Folklore, Languages and Cultures of the Near East and of African Studies at Indiana University in Bloomington. He enjoys an international reputation in his research field. For very many years the main subject of his research has been – and is still – the folk tale, and especially the one belonging to the oral tradition in the Arab world.

Chinese and Japanese Translation Contest
Project Coordinators: Ying Bao, Lihua Liu, Mariko Tanemura, and Minggang Li

The event was comprised of two components: interpretation contests and a party. There were three contests: Chinese 112 vs. Japanese 112; Chinese 212 vs. Japanese 212; and Chinese 312 vs. Japanese 312. In each contests, one native speaker of Chinese (who did not know Japanese) and one native speaker of Japanese (who did not know Chinese) had a conversation in their native tongues. The First Chinese students interpreted the first articulation of the Chinese speaker into English to the Japanese students, and then the Japanese students interpreted English into Japanese for the Japanese speaker. Then the Japanese speaker replied in Japanese, which was interpreted into English by the second Japanese students, and the second Chinese student interpreted that English into Chinese for the Chinese speaker. This way, a communication was achieved between the two native speakers through the interpretation by the students.

Approximately 80 students participated in this event, competing for a chance to win a Denison University Bookstore gift card. After the contests, students enjoyed Chinese and Japanese food.

Students Enjoyed Middle Eastern Cuisine
Project Coordinator: Sadika Ramahi

As one of the final projects in Arabic-112, students studied the Middle Eastern cuisine and visited one of the ME restaurants in Columbus.

Students Enjoyed Ethiopian Cuisine
Project Coordinator: Mónica Ayala-Martínez

As one of the final projects in Portuguese 210, students studied Ethiopian cuisine and Professor Ayala-Martínez brought food from the Blue Nile Restaurant for a special lunch.


Cheryl Johnson