Flamenco Workshop and a Tapas Sampling

Spanish 330 –Cultures of Spain– students and members of the Spanish Cluster at the Language House spent several hours together on Sunday afternoon, October 5, 2014, enjoying a Flamenco Workshop and a Tapas Sampling.

Flamenco Workshop – Students learned basic steps of Sevillanas. Students learned “palmeo” and “pasos”. Students practiced “zapateados”.

Tapas Degustation – Students from the Spanish cluster at the Language House prepared “empanadas de pollo, de queso and de ternera”; they made “patatas bravas with aioli” and “bocatas de atún”.

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2008-2009 Foresman Funded Activities



Shizhe Chen – Chinese Photographer

The Foresman Fund helped enable Mr. Shizhe Chen, a well-known multi-award winner Chinese photographer, to visit Denison.

In recent years, Mr. Chen attracted much attention with his insightful rediscovery–through lenses–of Quanzhou, an ancient seaport touted as the “starting point of the Silk Road on sea.” Our guest is, however, not just someone who knows how to take nice pictures.

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2007-2008 Foresman Funded Activities


Project Coordinator: Joanna Mitchell

Thanks to the Patty Foresman Foundation Fund we subscribed our students in one section of Spanish 213 to InterLangua videoconferencing.

InterLangua provides real-time, one-on-one tutoring conferences via Internet. The sessions are one hour per week over ten weeks. The tutors are trained professionals in Guatemala. Besides oral communication, they use Internet tools to share textual materials and provide visual demonstrations.

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2006-2007 Foresman Funded Events

Project Coordinator, Cheryl Johnson, Instructional Technologist
Thanks to the Patti Foresman Foundation Fund we subscribed to Wimba, a collection of web-based voice tools designed for creating vocal exercises in language learning.

Teatro Luna
Event Organizer: Joanna Mitchell, Assistant Professor of Spanish


Teatro Luna is a theatre company and ensemble with the mission of exploring the experience and culture of Latina/Hispana women, showcasing their talent and providing a forum for social, political, and educational outreach into the community.

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