Day Two in London

Hello, again! Today was another fun and educational day. This morning we were visited by Chrystal Denys who is a Commercial Specialist for the US Embassy in London. We learned a lot from her about how Brexit will affect businesses throughout the UK and the world as a whole. We then went to Macfarlanes and had lunch with Kelly Koltes who is a Denison alum. She is the Director of Marketing and Business Development and shared about her experience learning how to market legal services to different markets throughout the world.

After our visit to Macfarlanes concluded, we were free to venture forth into London on our own. A group of us took the opportunity to tour the Churchill War Rooms. These rooms formerly housed Sir Winston Churchill, Clementine Churchill, and other British military leaders and their staff in secrecy during the Blitz in London until the conclusion of the war. The night ended with dinner and an evening walk through downtown London where Westminster Abbey and the London Eye could be spotted.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading this blog, please stay tuned as tomorrow is a full day. We will be visiting OpCapita, the London Stock Exchange, and the theatre to watch the production ‘Matilda’. Please enjoy the photos below!

Gabriela Perez touring the Churchill War Rooms

Sam Price touring the Chiefs of Staff Conference Room

Part of the Churchill War Rooms

Westminster Abbey after dark