Spring Seminar Series: Peter MacKenzie

The first of the spring seminar series in Geosciences begins January 31.

Peter MacKenzie – Vice President of Operations, Ohio Oil & Gas Association

Utica Shale – Why its the big deal, what it means for Geologists

The Utica Shale has become the focus of international attention and investment is a very short period of time, creating the Oil & Gas Boom we are experiencing today. 

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Flint Ridge, Ohio

Being in the middle of Ohio as a petrologist you find out that there aren’t a lot of crystalline rocks to gaze upon – at least without drilling a 5-km hole directly below one’s feet. However, there are some cool localities that exhibit mineralization that might not be igneous or metamorphic basement, but at least have some great examples of minerals for an introductory rocks and minerals course.

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The gravel bars of Raccoon Creek

Today is the first day of class – but that doesn’t mean that we stay inside. I brought my GEOS 211 (Intro. to Rocks and Minerals) to Raccoon Creek for a lab on classification. Now, Raccoon Creek is great for random rock samples because of the large gravel bars made from a mix of local-derived material and distant material brought in through glacial processes.

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The Great East Coast Earthquake of 2011

If you weren’t on the eastern seaboard on August 23, you missed a fairly rare occurrence: an earthquake felt widely up and down the eastern North America. The earthquake itself had an epicenter near Mineral, VA – a location that has seen seismicity in the past. You can find references to earthquakes in the journals of the Jefferson family in Monticello from the 1797 and 1833 – and as recently as 2003, showing that earthquakes are definitely not geologically uncommon.

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