GEOS 111 – Virginia Earthquake 2011

This year, August 23, the Central Virginia Seismic Zone released an earthquake due to reverse faulting on a north-northeast striking plane. In 1875, the largest historical shock from this region occurred.  Since the 18th century, the Central Virginia Seismic Zone has experienced small to moderate earthquakes.


The 2011 earthquake struck 40 miles northwest of Richmond, Virginia.

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The Great East Coast Earthquake of 2011 Part 2: Views from Mineral, VA

It seems that after Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene came blasting up the eastern seaboard, the great East Coast earthquake of 2011 has been forgotten. Luckily, we’re still getting images of some of the damage from the M5.8 earthquake – and we’re still experiencing aftershocks from the event (although no where near as powerful).

Longtime Denison employee Lyn Boone (who retired in 2010), sent me some images that her brother sent from Mineral, Virginia, the epicenter of the earthquake.

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