Rising Waters at Lake Atitlan

P1020691 - Taken with a DMC-TS2

Lake Atitlan from San Pedro

I am presently living with my family in Panajachel, on the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Lake Atitlan occupies a volcanic caldera that formed in a huge eruption about 80,000 years ago. The lake is about 20 km long, 10 km wide and 300 m deep, so even very simplistic volume calculations indicate a large volume of erupted material draping the surrounding region.

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Views from an airplane

Some great images of the southwest to start off the week, courtesy of Dr. David Greene.

“Here are a couple of pictures I took from the window of a Southwest Airlines flight coming into Las Vegas, as I was returning to Ohio at the end of my field season. The yellow-orange rocks in the foreground are Jurassic Aztec Sandstone, and the grey-green vegetated slopes above with the prominent grey stripes are Cambrian limestone of the Bonanza King Fm.

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Welcome to the DU Geoblog

Welcome everyone to the first venture into the geoblogosphere by the Department of Geosciences here at Denison University. We’re hoping to show people a slice of what it is like to be a geosciences major in the department, some of the research that faculty are doing, show off pictures of the many field trips we do in the department and in general, get people excited about the geosciences.

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