Consulting with data analytics

My name is Mara Kilgore and I am a junior math major at Denison.  For ten weeks this summer, I and Maddie Boster ’18 had the opportunity to work in the Advanced Analytics department of ICC Technology, a consulting firm in Westerville, Ohio. ICC is a company passionate about the development of technology to advance business intellect.

            One highlight of my internship was the way I was able to engage with ICC employees and resources. Every morning, our office participated in an ICC tradition, the daily stand-up. This began each day with time for every team member to touch base, report on work in progress and completed, and to raise questions or roadblocks with others who could offer help. The stand-up ensured that our team was always on the same page with work, schedules, and goals. Outside of our daily routine, I was able to attend a SIG (special interest group) about once a week. A SIG is a lunch meeting hosted by a department or team within ICC to present work and development within their practice. This kept the entire company informed about the areas of practice outside of their own. ICC also allowed me to attend boot camp training sessions for employees to teach me valuable skills in data visualization and related tools. Finally, over the summer I was able to build valuable connections with ICC employees. My team and other coworkers made an effort to know me, help me, and teach me. I always felt respected and viewed as a legitimate team member rather than an inferior intern. Even ICC executives, including the vice president, sat down over lunch (twice) with Maddie and I to learn about us and our career interests. These involvements and connections enabled me to access every resource possible while at ICC and walk away feeling confident in the growth and knowledge I have attained through my time here.

            My overall experience with ICC has been a huge benefit to my growth as student by gaining skills and knowledge that are difficult to find in a classroom setting. One such skill is Tableau, a data analysis and visualization tool. Before my internship, I had never worked with data visualization outside of creating basic plots in R. Now, after thorough analysis and building a project presentation in Tableau, I would consider myself highly skilled with the tool and with data viz. Alongside Tableau and R, I gained a bit of experience querying data with SQL. Outside of technical skills, I was able to learn a lot about health care due to our project with an Ohio health care business. To better understand our client and their business scope, we had to become aware of the issues within the healthcare system. Perhaps the most valuable takeaway from this internship is the experience I have gained working in a business setting. I got a glimpse of working with a business goal in mind, working with a team of skilled professionals, communicating with clients, and more. Ultimately, this experience helped me to understand more about my skills and the desires I have for a work atmosphere.