2016 Summer Research Diversity Fellowship Opportunity


There is another opportunity heading your way! The American Bar Foundation sponsors an annual summer fellowship for undergraduate students interested in entering the fields of law and social science – The Montgomery Summer Research Diversity Fellowships in Law and Social Science for Undergraduate Students.

The fellowship takes place in Chicago, IL each summer for a period of 8 weeks. Four summer research fellowships are awarded each year. Each student is assigned to an American Bar Foundation Research Professor who will involve the student in the professor’s research project and who will act as a mentor during the student’s tenure.

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Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Program


Interested in an career in International Affairs?  The Rangel Graduate Fellowship Program provides benefits of up to $95,000 over two years toward a two-year master’s degree, arranges internships on Capitol Hill and U.S. embassies, and provides professional development and support activities for those who want to become Foreign Service Officers in the U.S. Department of State. Fellows may use the fellowship to attend any good two-year master’s program in a U.S. institution to study an area of relevance to the Foreign Service, including international relations, public policy, public administration, languages, or business administration.

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Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship Programs


The Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship (MLEF) Program seeks out undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. students currently pursuing STEM degrees (short for science, technology, engineering and math). Students will spend 10 weeks in the summer developing research skills with the Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy. Selected candidates will train under the mentor-ship of program officials and scientists on focused research projects consistent with the mission of the Office of Fossil Energy. During the 10 weeks, Fellows will receive a stipend and some students may be eligible to receive housing and travel allowance for the duration of the program.

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