International Potluck Dinner


For most international students, Big Red Weekend incites rather nostalgic and homesick feelings, as our parents in general are unable to come to Denison to visit us. However, thanks to the Big International Potluck Dinner, hosted by International Student Services (ISS), my quiet weekend was spiced up quite a bit. The idea was very simple: students signed up to cook and bring one dish of their choice to Curtis West Lounge on Saturday of Big Red Weekend. Everyone present would then share the dishes, simulating the concept of a family sharing food.

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Pre-Orientation for Students Coming from Abroad


I do not tend to have great experiences with orientations in general. The icebreakers are always awkward. There are way too many team activities for bonding purposes – in the end, people keep running around without doing the actual talking and getting to know each other part. And, most importantly, the orientation part – which I define as setting expectations and providing basic navigations for students – is severely lacking.

International Pre-Orientation (ISS Pre-O) defies all of those negative notions I hold.

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The Tale of Two Chopsticks

Poster 2

Two Denison students wanted to keep in touch during their summer apart. They decided to become ‘pen pals’ with a twist: they both focused on using their photography skills. At 10pm every Saturday they would upload pictures to their Facebook album. The Denison artists worked with photo prompts that had them capturing not only their personal lives but those around them. Having it open on Facebook for all their friends to see, it quickly became a popular photo project that will now be open for all Denison students to see starting 6:00 p.m Friday, September 12th at their opening reception in the Bryant Arts Center.

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2014 GLCA Student of Color Leadership Application

Who Am I: Navigating the Depths of Intersectionality as a Student Leader and Activist

The 24th annual Students of Color Leadership Conference, sponsored by the Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA) and hosted by a GLCA member institution (this year, DePauw University), will take place November 7-9, 2014. The Center for Cross-Cultural Engagement (CCCE) at Denison University has a limited number of spots for students to attend and is asking interested students to fill out the participant application form. If selected to attend, all associated fees (registration, hotel accommodation, transportation, and conference meals) will be covered.

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International Pre-Orientation Staff for 2014-2015

ISS Pre-Orientation staff member 2014 - Taken with a Canon EOS 6D

The International Student Services would like to formally congratulate the 2014-2015 International Pre-Orientation Staff. Find the staff names below.


Szu-Yu(Jonathan) Huang

Christiaan Wijers

Staff members:

Ben Khoo

Jihyun(Jenny) Kim

Mihika Agarwal

Kyle Gasaway

Yaw Okyere Thompson

Shuwei Zhang

J.Davide Rangel-Hernández

Phuong Hoang

Yiwen Tang

Jessica Hess

Marilyn C.Virgen

Hannah Doermann

Wei Peng

Hieu Tran

Archit Agarwal

Find out more about our 2014 orientation staff members:


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The Lunar New Year

SONY DSC - SONY DSC - Taken with a DSLR-A230

I used to think that only Chinese people celebrated the Lunar New year. However, after I came to Denison, my friends from Asian countries like South Korea, Japan, Vietnam also celebrate this festival. So let’s call it Lunar New Year! Did you know that the Lunar New Year is popularly known as the Spring Festival for Chinese people? This is due to the fact that it starts at the beginning of spring. It’s origin is too old to be traced. There are several theories about the origins of this celebration.

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Application Info for ISS Pre-O

Capture - Capture1
Pre-O for International Students (ISS Pre-O) is a special program offered for international students and for U.S. students who have been living abroad. The purpose of this program is to ease their transition to living and studying in the United States. More importantly, students who participate in this program have the opportunity to meet other students with similar interests and experiences. The application for ISS Pre-O Coordinator, which is open only to current sophomores and juniors, is posted in MyDenison – see Campus Resources / Center for Cross-Cultural Engagement / Pre-Orientation Programs.

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International Education Week

International Education Week

Unknown to some of us, this week is International Education Week. International Education Week is when there is extra focus given to study-abroad programs and international students. As stated by

US Department of Education, “The world is enriched and we all win when everyone gets globally smarter.” This is why this week; the government is raising awareness of the different cultures not just in America but also the world. By connecting American students with the world, either by studying abroad or bringing international students to their campuses, both sides invariably benefit from sharing experiences and a better education that neither can provide alone.

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