A Chicana’s Experience in Thailand


*This article is written by Estrella Vargas ‘2017, an Anthropology and Sociology major. She is currently doing the Khon Kaen Development and Globalization program in Khon Kaen, Thailand. Estrella shared many of her interesting experiences and her outtakes on the internship.

Sawadee-Kah (Hello)

Sawadee-Kah (Hello)

It has been over two months since I set foot in the land of smiles, rice fields, 7/11’s, and… motorbikes. This is my first time living in a Southeast Asian country. Thus far, I have had great learning experiences, but I am certain that new adventures are still out there waiting for me.

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Project Favela – An Interview with Analis Ibarra and Ashley Cervantes (pt. 2)

Welcome back! Last time, Analis Ibarra ‘16 and Ashley Cervantes ‘16 talked about Project Favela – what it is, what they did and how the local life in Brazil was like. You may read the article here [link]. This time, we will focus on the lessons they learned, the challenges they faced and the biggest takeaways Ashley and Analis got from Project Favela.

Chau Nguyen (CN): What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from the trip?

Analis Ibarra (AI): For me, the most valuable lesson is sort of related to education and teaching.

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Project Favela – An Interview with Analis Ibarra and Ashley Cervantes (pt. 1)


Last week, I had the opportunity to have an amazing interview with Analis Ibarra ‘16 and Ashley Cervantes ‘16 on their trip to Brazil during the summer for Project Favela. Let’s hear what they have to say about this volunteer program and the local experience in Brazil.

Chau Nguyen (CN): Could you briefly describe Project Favela? How did you find it?

Ashley Cervantes (AC): Analis found the program online.

Analis Ibarra (AI): It’s called Project Favela and it’s a non-profit project to volunteer abroad.

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