The Lunar New Year

SONY DSC - SONY DSC - Taken with a DSLR-A230

I used to think that only Chinese people celebrated the Lunar New year. However, after I came to Denison, my friends from Asian countries like South Korea, Japan, Vietnam also celebrate this festival. So let’s call it Lunar New Year! Did you know that the Lunar New Year is popularly known as the Spring Festival for Chinese people? This is due to the fact that it starts at the beginning of spring. It’s origin is too old to be traced. There are several theories about the origins of this celebration.

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Call and Response

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The theme of this year’s Dr. Martin Luther King celebration is “Call and Response:  The Call of King’s Dream and Denison’s Response of Hope.” The theme of call and response denotes Dr. King’s call for us to live a life of activism and service. We invoke this notion of call and response to offer our community the opportunity to respond to Dr. King’s call for action and to develop our personal, professional, and civic responsibility to each other, to the communities around us and in solidarity with global communities.

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Professor Sandra Mathern with Dance

I believe some of people can still remember the concert called “You Move, Move You”, which was presented a concert of two 25 minute dance works.This amazing production of 24 students dancers, four student musicians and eight students crew,features works by faculty artists: Stafford Berry, Christian Faur, Sandra Mathern, with Guest Artists Lighting Designer Robin Greenwood and Composer Dean Sharp.

Recently, I interviewed Professor Sandra Mathern from the Dance department, and she shared a lot of interesting thoughts and experiences with me about her work and career.

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