Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Diana Mafe

Mafe 1
Dr. Diana  Mafe is an Assistant Professor crossing English, Black Studies, International Studies, and Women’s Studies departments. She recently published a monograph–which is a detailed written study of a single specialized subject–on the perceptions of mixed raced people and the vexed history mixed origin has had. Loved by many, the Center for Cross-Cultural Engagement felt it was time she got some blogger love.

Julio Martinez: First off, what are the essentials to know about you?

Dr. Mafe: I was born in the Netherlands, but raised in Nigeria.

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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Mark Alan Wade

Dr. Wade is an Assistant Professor of Music for the Denison University Music Department teaching Brass Studies. He plays in the Mark Alan Wade Trio and plays trumpet for the New Albany Symphony. He is one of my favorite professors on campus, and so I’ve written a quick spotlight on some of the cool things he’s doing in and out of our fair college on the hill

Julio: So, what were you doing in Taipei, Taiwan?

Dr. Wade: I play an obscure instrument called the Hammered Dulcimer, but it’s a well known conservatory instrument everywhere else in the world.

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Denison and Syria

photo syria
Collaborative Efforts to Facilitate Dialogue

Thursday October 10th marked the third event on campus concerning the conflict in Syria. Leaders from MECO (Middle Eastern Cultural Organization), Amnesty International, and  SD (Sustained Dialogue) came together and facilitated a dialogue concerning the current conflict in Syria. Open to all on campus, the event came into being after some of the facilitators were “talking casually when they came to the realization that history was happening before us. We thought about how easy it would was to be spectators–that it’s easy to watch these atrocities, and not go into action against it.” said Lisa Torio, class of 2015 and president of Amnesty International.

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Familiar Stranger

Familiar Stranger group photo

This is the cast of Familiar Stranger, and Hongyi Tian is the second from the left.

Hongyi Tian, from Xi’an, China, graduated Cum Laude from Denison last May with a major in Communication and a minor in Theatre. In Denison, he was Stage Manager and Sound Board Operator for Theatres of War, Assistant Stage Manager for Einstein & the Roosevelts and The Miss Firecracker Contest, and the Video Operator for Dead Man’s Cell Phone. He appeared as Warnock Waldgrave in The Nerd.

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