Taste of Culture

When I was asked by several fellow students on the Taste of Culture Education Committee, “what does Denison taste like to you?” I thought that I could come up with a quick and witty answer that encompassed many great ideals instilled at Denison University. However, the more I pondered this question I began to think deeper about what Denison truly means to me.

I could not help but think of the many different students from an assortment of backgrounds who I have met and have had the pleasure of working with. Students from China, India, Vietnam, England, Japan, South Korea, Myanmar, Greece, and many more. It is precisely these students who I have met and worked with that have influenced my own path while studying at Denison.

Therefore, it became easier for me to connect the dots to this question: What does Denison taste like to you? To me, Denison tastes like pie. Not literally, but metaphorically. When I think of a pie, I think about how at first the pie is whole, then you can cut it up into many different pieces and select the piece you want to eat based on likes and dislikes.

Denison is much the same.

There are many different pieces of Denison you can become involved with, pieces such as Global China Connection, African Student Association, Black Student Union, Hillel, Muslim Student Association, Middle Eastern Cultural Organization, German Culture Club, and sororities and fraternities to name a few. These pieces forge a complete picture of Denison’s culture, tradition, and lifestyle. However, these pieces, separated do not create a whole pie, or in this case a whole Denison.

The Education Committee is therefore striving to create a whole Denison for Taste of Culture 2016. By incorporating an endless amount of cultural organizations, cultural crafts, and encompassing many different walks of life on campus, the Education Committee is allowing these organizations to come together, not as one, but as whole. As whole, Denison achieves the ideals it so desperately promotes such as diversity, community, integrity, cross-cultural communication, and social awareness. While as separated, Denison transforms into a pieces of pie that are based upon likes and dislikes.

The Education Committee of Taste of Culture 2016 welcomes the whole pie, welcomes the whole Denison, and welcomes you to join us in the event of the year. It is time that as a campus, community, and multi-cultural congregation we express wholeness with open arms and embrace the chance to connect on different levels.

Welcome to the whole pie, welcome to the whole Denison, and welcome to Taste of Culture 2016. We will see you on April 29th at 4:30PM on A-Quad, it is time to taste the pie, it is time to taste Denison.

Tyler Law

Global China Connection

C3 Advisory Board

Education Committee Chair for Taste of Culture

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