Computers & Applied Sciences Complete

Computers & Applied Sciences Complete (CASC) covers the spectrum of the applied sciences, representing collected knowledge on traditional engineering challenges and providing material for research concerning the business and social implications of new technology.

CASC provides indexing and abstracting for more than 2,100 academic journals, professional publications, and other reference sources from a diverse collection. Full Text is also available for more than 950 periodicals.

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“Why are Textbooks so expensive?” Can E-Books Address This Universal Student Plight?

So, why are textbooks so darn expensive? I think we all know the answer to this. But what can be done about it? Companies like Coursesmart, Nature Publishing Group, Barnes and Noble, and Apple are entering the e-textbook market.

E-Learning Options for College Students
For college learners, Apple has launched an iTunes U educational app that brings college courses right to the iPad, iPhone and iPod user.

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Can Augmented Reality Save the Printed Page?

The future of books may be here. Augmented reality book Between Page and Screen is an innovative art project that seeks to renew the reading experience by combining the physicality of a printed book with the technology of Adobe Flash to create a virtual love story.

To see the technology in action, you simply lay the 44-page hardcover across a laptop with a webcam and words will suddenly appear, spin and rattle.

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Search Ohio

Yet another place to search for materials! Search Ohio is particularly good for media (videos and cds) we may not have in our collection.

It can be a little confusing at first.  Here are some tips:

First, type in your keyword(s):


Then click a title (A Box Full of Kittens sounds promising…):

Then, in the middle of the screen (in blue) it tells you how many Ohio libraries (not in Consort, not in OhioLink) have this item. 

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Can’t keep track of all the QR codes you’ve scanned?  Try out QRganize.   QRganize allows you to scan QR codes and organize them into categories of interest. Revisit, manage and share scans on the web or on the go.

Either way, QRganize is your QR code library.

Free download available in the Apple App store.

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Scan me! I can help!

You may start noticing some interesting images in the library stacks. They kind of look like a barcode, but just a little bit different.  These are Quick Response Codes (QR code for short).  They are able to hold larger amounts of data compared to regular barcodes.  You can scan them using your smartphone or other mobile device, such as an iPod or iPad. 

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How Many Spaces Do You Put After A Period?

According to a recent article in SLATE, the correct answer is one (even though the majority of people continue to use two).

The reason?

The manual typewriter.

“Most ordinary people would know the one-space rule, too, if it weren’t for a quirk of history. In the middle of the last century, a now-outmoded technology—the manual typewriter—invaded the American workplace.

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Infographics and data visualizations are shifting the way people find and experience stories, creating a new way of seeing the world of data. They help communicate complex ideas in a clear, compact and beautiful way, taking deep data and presenting it in visual shorthand. We’ve collected the best examples on the web and gathered them for you to reference, share, and enjoy.

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